Conan [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Conan [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Conan is a cancelled beat ’em up similar to Golden Axe that was in development by Arcade Zone for the Atari Jaguar. The french studio was closed down after Sony decided to not publish their latest Super Nintendo game, as the original Playstation arrived in Europe. Without another publisher they had to give up on releasing Nightmare Busters SNES and Arcade Zone had to shut down. Conan Jaguar vanished with their closure and it’s unknown how much of the game was finished before the cancellation.

At 1Up Games can read an interview with former Arcade Zone’s developers, in which they mention this unreleased beat ’em up:

Lyes Belaidouni: We even made an attempt on the Atari Jaguar, the stillborn console for which we developed (without bragging) the most beautiful beat’em up with huge sprites and monumental backgrounds ! But this, alas, no one has seen it…

Celine was able to find some screenshots of the game in magazines CD Consoles #2, #5 and GF #95


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18 thoughts on “Conan [Jaguar – Cancelled]

  1. Steve

    Damn, I would have bought a Jaguar back in the day just for this game:( Every Conan game ever has totally sucked, at least this one had the potential to be great since it looks like they were just copying Golden Axe.

  2. CnK

    E’ davvero molto simile a Legend per Super Nintendo sempre degli Arcade Zone
    Sarebbe interessante vederlo in movimento

  3. Ross Sillifant

    :-( I conacted Carlo Perconti a few months back, who seemed keen to answer questions on Jaguar Conan (and other titles he worked on) so fired across a mini-interview, had a few emails back saying he was too busy to get to them, but would as soon as he could, then nothing.

    No reply to a few ‘chase’ emails either so fear i might of hit a dead end…

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Just when i’d abandoned all hope of finding out more, 1 last attempt at contacting coder gave me this:

    Sorry for the trouble, We actually had a hard-disk crash on our email server and I lost almost all the emails, finally today I have been able to recover everything after battling with old backup merge, also the email server moved a lot of emails in the meantime to its junk folder so they got filtered when they should have not been. Can you please resend me again the questions and I will review them on Thursday  since I am out of the office tomorrow and Wednesday is National Holiday in Japan.

    So, questions sent, fingers crossed :-)

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Update:Fantastic news…’Full’ details on what happened have been passed onto me and in turn pased onto Unseen 64, but long story short, game NEVER got beyond the mere ‘Demo’ stage, so ignore ALL claims of levels completed, as that’s FALSE.All source code (sadly) lost.Unseen64 will soon share the full story with you, i’m sure.

  6. Akkroid

    The screen shots for this reminds me a little of the sequel to Sword Of Sodan that never was. I think this game looks like it could of been a quiet hit if it had of got off the ground, I still love me a good side-scroller beat ’em up. It must be said something that favoured the Jag was the colour palette of 2D games often appeared much richer compared with other consoles of the time, like Rayman for example. Anyway, real shame this one never saw the light of day

  7. Ross Sillifant

    From Coder himself: (there’s about 50% more info in hans on Unseen64, but this’ll quench part of yet thirst :-) ).

    We got involved developing on the jaguar after we met some key people at
    one of the CES show in LasVegas (I do not recall who exactly). Lyes and
    I we were impressed by the concept of the GPU Jaguar, an unique list
    processor which could allow huge sprites to be drawn on screen and which
    broke the limitation of number of hardware sprites on 1 video line like
    We used to have back then on the SNES. So at first We decided to develop
    a new graphic engine based on multiple layer of sprites on PC, then
    through Arcade Zone We got access to one of the Jaguar Hardware and then
    We started to port the beginning of a “first possible” level of what We
    wanted to demonstrate based on a CONAN character (but really it was only
    to show up the engine, no license was signed yet at that time). For
    sure, back to that period,  We got many inspiration from the Big Coin-Up
    Arcade titles like GoldenAxe and alike…….

  8. Ross Sillifant

    @Akkroid.Not sure if your a PS3 owner? but if so…might i suggest Dragons Crown? playing it myself at present, kind of modern ‘Golden Axe’ and bloody marvelous it is too boot :-)

  9. Ross Sillifant

    Sorry but more work for the Mods here:

    Please remove any speculation posted about who may or may not have Roms of this or any other title.

    This is a site dedicated to historic preservation, not speculation.. If and when any Roms are released, people can update this entry with a link to them so everyone can benefit.

    There had already been speculation online claiming Clint Thompson had Conan material he was going to give away as part of a FB Xmas give away..

    Clint has confirmed this was complete and utter falsehood type statement..

    Why would he give away such material, even if he had it, when sites like Unseen64 could preserve it for future generations and make it freely available to the greater community.

    This is a dedicated preservation site, which relies on the hard work and honesty of it’s researchers, no one here is special and speculation does nothing to help document a lost game.

    Please think of the site before making posts.

  10. Ross Sillifant

    At this point, it’s up to you to start providing the proof behind your claims..

    You have a track record of making claims regarding titles, but they have proven to be utterly in point the Clint Thompson having Conan and Phear code ready to simply give away as part of a FB Xmas draw.

    Clint had to put the record straight on that.

    Then again on his reveal of Zzyorxx II on Jaguar.

    You passed off magazine speculation as fact regarding Core Design,developing more than just Soul Star on the Jaguar, even though the Soul Star team had already made it clear it was the only title in development.

    And then you seemed to miss Jeremy Smith pointing out in an interview plans for the Jaguar simply amounted to Mega CD ports..and why in the case of systems like the Konix, a developer the size of Core, couldn’t afford to back every machine going.

    Unless you can prove you have proof any of these betas you swear are out there, exist..which includes Rebellion’s Legions Of The come either does exist on Rebellion’s I.T files..they found it after the RVG interview and you have proof or your speculating.

    So no, you do the explaining please.

  11. Ross Sillifant

    You can start by explaining a few aspects from Dan’s quote please

    ” I did some play testing on Conan on the Jaguar.  It was very early, and I believe the version they showed at CES or E3. ”

    So, he’s just told us he was a playtester on Code used he believes at E3 or CES..he’s not sure which..

    He doesn’t stare where he played it or if he himself owned a copy of the Eprom or how many were made or who else would of had a copy or was a fellow playtester or if any preview eprom remained the property of Atari.

    Over to you to explain how you’ve reached your conclusions without seeing even a playtester contract.

    1. KGRAMR

      It’s obviously the one from WCES 1995, which there’s now 2 videos floating around and i’m done commentating on since i still firmly believe there’s a prototype of the WCES 1995 demo in the hands of somebody. That’s all and i don’t need a piece of paper to confirm it’s the exact same one Dan was trying to remember, since i’m friend of him at FB and showed the 2 videos of the game ;-)

  12. Ross Sillifant

    As I thought..your speculating and unless someone steps forward with an actual demo or a physical Eprom..that’s how it will remain


    Thanks for clearing that up.


    Mind you,to be fair you did state you were friends with Clint on FB when you made the claims about him having and planning to give away Conan,which wasn’t quite the full story, so i had to try and get some idea of your reasoning here that a brief quote from Dan amounted to proof prototype code still exists.

  13. Ross Sillifant

    I found a few compuserve posters comments from early 1995, where they gave feedback on the 1 level demo they had played.1 felt the graphics looked great, but the controls needed tweaking and another felt the backgrounds and characters looked very 16 bit, but complained more about the music sounding very hissy.

    Thought it important to mention these comments as you don’t get this level of user interaction from the brief video clips that are available online.

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