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Fighting / Judgement Force for Saturn: now leaked!

Fighting Force is beat ’em up developed by Core Design that was released for the PlayStation, PC and Nintendo 64 in 1997. A Saturn version was in development too, but it was later cancelled. Now, thanks to Hidden Palace and its community, an aplha of the Saturn version is leaked to the public! It seems that the project was initially named “Judgement Force” and it was meant to be a new game in the Streets of Rage saga. I have never played  Fighting Force, so i dont know if this proto has some differences from the final version, maybe someone knows? You can download Judgement Force at Hidden Palace.

Videos (By Madroms):


[New Staff] More people for the unseen researches

We are happy to welcome a new group of lovely geeks in the Unseen 64 Family: El Gato, Refurs, Thyoldpie and Deriks are going to help the U64 Staff to find more screens, videos and informations from the unseen world, to try to preserve all the changes and the cuts in the gaming development. Thanks a lot for your help guys! We are honored to have you in the staff.. and now go back to work! ;)