Tiny Toon Adventures [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Tiny Toon Adventures [Jaguar – Cancelled]

A platform game with Tiny Toon characters, in development for the Jaguar but later cancelled. It seems that a beta-demo of this game was leaked some time ago. In 2006, Atariboy has posted on the Toon Zone Forum some images and sprites from this game, that were found on the official site of the developers.

Thanks to MathUser for some of these scans!



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11 thoughts on “Tiny Toon Adventures [Jaguar – Cancelled]

  1. eric

    A co-worker was wearing an Atari shirt today, I made a comment that I worked on an Atari game back in the early to mid ’90s. After a search for that game I found this site and link.

    I was one of several designers hired by a 3rd party company to work on many of the animated sprites (characters) in the Tiny Toons game.

    I still have many of my files from that game, and yes I do not believe the game was never shipped. I vividly remember creating frame after frame of character animation, -we first drew everything out, scanned and then colored pixel by pixel. (no photoshop allowed, as the images would not have been as precise -for such a small/low resolution device). It was a fun project and a highlight of my career to have worked on an Atari game (even if it never got published).

    20 years later I am still designing!

  2. eric

    I don’t recall why the game didn’t get shipped, but It was probably due to money constraints …I am guessing that it was becoming evident that the Jaguar games weren’t selling great, and so the game got scrapped …even though it was pretty close to complete. I am sure a lot more money would to have been involved to actually produce and ship the game. -as well as final coding and testing.

  3. Lee Chapman

    I’ve played this beta. It is a shame it was never completed and released as it certainly had potential.

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Date: 1998/10/30
    Forums: alt.atari-jaguar.discussion

    After I finished Bubsy, Atari asked Imagitec if they were interested in
    doing Tiny Toons (I believe I would have been doing it) but after checking
    how much memory was required for map blocksets, it was discovered that we
    could have a map, some music, but no sprites or program unless we could
    increase the size of RAM – not feasible.

    Andrew Seed

    Guess there’s the next point of contact if anyone can contact him?

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Update:Hopefully i’ve found the ‘right’ Andrew Seed :-)

    Sent an email to him, asking if he’d be free to chat, if so i’ll ask a few questions and return with the answers, but at this stage, far too early to say how it’ll turn out.

  6. Ross Sillifant

    Again..can posters please think of the site and greater community here before posting speculation comments.

    As a playtester for Betaphase games either wait till it’s known if they have any materials and what plans are for them, before posting..or don’t speculate..

    I’m sure there is a lot more to be discovered on this title, but until it’s been found, there’s nothing concrete to report on.

  7. Ross Sillifant

    Tiny Toon Adventures by Atari. Leap inside a real cartoon!
    Based on the popular Warner Bros. characters, this zany platform scroller is
    a true showcase of Jaguar’s rich animation capabilities. Bad boy Montana Max
    has a new toy: an Acme TiToonium Converter. But the only place he can get
    TiToonium is on a planet Aurica, and the removal of Titoonium is causing
    grave ecological damage to the Toon-filled universe. Armed with an Acme Crazy
    Net, follow Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck as they embark on a
    mission to shut down the Acme TiToonium-Gold Converter–and save planet

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