Sim City [NES – Unreleased]

Around September/October 1990, Nintendo Power magazine announced that they would bring the highly acclaimed Maxis game SimCity to the Nintendo consoles on the market at the time, both the SNES and the NES. The magazine listed a release date of this for simultaneous release for Spring of 1991. In the November/December 1990 issue two screenshots from the game were published and those two screenshots were for a very long time the only proof that a NES version of the game actually existed. 

Mario Land [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

VB Mario Land is a cancelled game /  prototype of the Mario Virtual Boy game that actually became Mario Clash. Nintendo was originally developing this as a full mario platform game, as show at E3 1995. The original project was cut and Mario Clash became just a remake of the classic Super Mario Bros, with featured small 3-d elements to show what the Virtual Boy was graphically capable of. For example, some parts exchanged the original idea of warp pipes with 3-d doorways that players enter by pressing up on the D-pad.

You can find more infos at Planet Virtual Boy


Rogue Ops [XBOX/PS2/GC – Beta]


Rogue Ops is a stealth-based action/adventure game developed by Bits Studios and published by Kemco for the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2 in 2003. In the game the player assumes the role of Nikki Connors; in the beta version, Nikki had a different character design which included with dark/brown hair (she is blonde in the final) and the HUD was different. Rumors say that Rogue Ops was developed from the concept of the RiQa project, a cancelled title for the Nintendo 64.

Thanks to Jay for the english corrections!



Super Mario World [SNES – Unused Stuff]


Thanks to “hacking” softwares, it’s possible to find a few beta things left in the memory of Super Mario World. There are some unused levels and sprites [like the Flying yellow mushroom (gives 1-up), the flying red coin (Gives 5 coins) and the vertical pirhana plant up (Though the upside down pirhana plant was in, this one wasn’t], a castle that has slight differences from the one in the final game, a random castle entrance with woking pipe (that just sends you to an endless bonus game most likely). It’s even possibile to fix the removed “super mario bros”