Secret of Evermore [SNES – Beta]


In this article we can see a comparison between Secret Of Evermore beta screens and their final counterparts. During the game’s development Square USA made some interesting changes and probably the original story was a bit different from the one that we know.

Beta version

secret of evermore 1

Final Version

secret of evermore 2
The character’s bar was much different in the beta. While the area is essentially identical, with only little background differences, the enemies in the beta version are not the same as the final. The strange blue creature was completely removed, and we encounter raptors only much later in the prehistoric level. Also, you get the sword in Antiqua, the second area of the game.

Beta Version

secret of evermore 3

I don’t recall this area anywhere in the game. The green dinosaur on the left was removed in the final version.

Beta Version

secret of evermore 4

Final Version

secret of evermore 29

Yet another enemy that was removed from the final game: the warrior with the pike at the center of the screenshot. Also, in the final version the machine is green (in the beta it looks to be black/grey) and there aren’t enemies in this area, maybe because the game’s story changed. The fake Fire Eyes (the girl at the center of the screen) didn’t exist or didn’t appear here in the beta version.

Beta Version

secret of evermore 16

Final Version

Secret of Evermore 17

An area with almost no changes. In the beta version the dog is still the prehistoric one.

Beta Version

secret of evermore 15

This is a really strange beta screenshot. We can see what it looks like to be an early and much different version of Ivory Tower (or Ebon Keep when it is populated again). In the final game, the King is not here. Maybe the story was different ?

Here are some more screenshots from a pre-release version of Secret Of Evermore. The “dog’s bar” at the bottom of the screen has the “dog’s face” on the left side, while in the final version it’s on the right side.

Pre-release Version

secret of evermore 10

Final Version

Secret of Evermore12

In these screenshots, we can see that this section of the market didn’t change at all. However, as in all pre-release and beta pics, the golden bar is different, and the dog is still the prehistoric one, while in the final version there are four different dogs.


secret of evermore 20

Final Version

secret of evermore 21

This area is different from the final version. There are not as many black crystals and there is only one skull. Also, the location seems much more barren. Thanks to Robert Seddon, that has found some infos from a developer / tester of the game, we know that they changed the Mammoth Graveyard because there was an issue with AI getting caught on the tusks. You can read more of these beta-infos on this old news: SoE beta infos

Pre-release Version

secret of evermore 25

Final Version

Secret of Evermore 26

We can see that in the beta versione there was no “heart” at the center of the spider.

Pre-release Version

secret of evermore 28

Final Version

Secret of Evermore007

Again, as in the beta screenshot, the fake “Fire Eyes” girl is not here, but at least the machine is green now.

There are a couple of other beta screens in the gallery below, but they are not much different from the final version.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time [DS – Beta]


A certain beta screenshot depicts Mario, Luigi, and their baby selves fighting two red-shoe-clad Blooper foes in the Vim Factory. The Blooper still exists in the game’s code under the name “Scoot Bloop” but it’s attacks in battle are unfinished. It has sprites for the overworld as well. Although the screenshot depicts that they were meant for the Vim Factory, it’s enemy data is grouped with the Yoshi’s Island enemies, and it’s stats make it comparable to the enemies in Yoob’s Belly.

Another early screenshot shows the gang using a Mix Flower on two Boo Guys in Hollijolli Village, while Boo Guys were not present in this area in the final game.

Finally, it may be notable that Baby Mario’s initial artwork erroneously depicted him as having red shoes rather than his normal blue ones (this mistake was eventually changed and the artwork was re-released), although his shoe coloration would appear to have always been consistent throughout all of the actual game’s programming. [Info from Mariowiki]




Cavalry Battle 3000 [N64 – Cancelled]


Cavalry Battle 3000 is a cancelled Nintendo 64 game that was in development by Japan System Supply. There is not much information on this project, but it seems that it was going to be a racing game with gameplay somehow similar to Road Rash, in which the player has to fight his opponents while trying to win the race. At the moment only a single screenshot remains from Cavalry Battle, but we hope that more images  and info will be found in the future, maybe in some old Japanese gaming magazine.