Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time [DS – Beta]


A certain beta screenshot depicts Mario, Luigi, and their baby selves fighting two red-shoe-clad Blooper foes in the Vim Factory. The Blooper still exists in the game’s code under the name “Scoot Bloop” but it’s attacks in battle are unfinished. It has sprites for the overworld as well. Although the screenshot depicts that they were meant for the Vim Factory, it’s enemy data is grouped with the Yoshi’s Island enemies, and it’s stats make it comparable to the enemies in Yoob’s Belly.

Another early screenshot shows the gang using a Mix Flower on two Boo Guys in Hollijolli Village, while Boo Guys were not present in this area in the final game.

Finally, it may be notable that Baby Mario’s initial artwork erroneously depicted him as having red shoes rather than his normal blue ones (this mistake was eventually changed and the artwork was re-released), although his shoe coloration would appear to have always been consistent throughout all of the actual game’s programming. [Info from Mariowiki]




Cavalry Battle 3000 [N64 – Cancelled]


Cavalry Battle 3000 is a cancelled Nintendo 64 game that was in development by Japan System Supply. There is not much information on this project, but it seems that it was going to be a racing game with gameplay somehow similar to Road Rash, in which the player has to fight his opponents while trying to win the race. At the moment only a single screenshot remains from Cavalry Battle, but we hope that more images  and info will be found in the future, maybe in some old Japanese gaming magazine.


Roller Ball [Playstation, N64, PC – Cancelled]

As we can read on Wikipedia:

“In 1997, Z-Axis Games was developing an official Rollerball video game adaption based on the film As part of MGM Interactive video game showcase lineup, The video game’s promise was to recreate the action of the futuristic game played in the movie, and it was set 10 years after the events of the film in the 2098 Rollerball season, where the player would be in charge of managing their Rollerball teams around the world, made up of Rollerball players with roles such as strikers, enforcers, guard, and other players who compete using jet bikes and magnetic in-line skates. Rollerball: The Video Game was slated to be released for PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo 64 on the first quarter of 1998, but was delayed to mid-1998 and then was canceled due to the publisher, MGM Interactive, going bankrupt.”