StarFox [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

StarFox [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

Star fox VB (Virtual Boy) was a tech demo of the star fox game that was in developement for the virtual boy. The originally planned game itself, “Star Fox Virtual Boy” was cancelled obviously because the virtual boy died soon after the tech demo was revealed. It only ever was saw by the attendees of E3 1995 and at the Winter Consumer Electronics show of 1995 along with the other cancelled star fox game, Star Fox 2. It was revealed at E3 95′ when nintendo showcased their previously planned and small virtual boy library. To do this, nintendo gave all attendees 3-D glasses to watch the projected images more effectively. At this conference was where the only publicised image of Star Fox VB was taken, as seen below.



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Video source: Grooveraider

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7 thoughts on “StarFox [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

  1. mario9705

    Once again I found a Virtual Boy game at a car boot sale. The owner of the sale was present at the E3 when this was unveiled. He stole the only copy Known to mankind and gave it to his son.

  2. Stephen

    A Nintendo Virtual Boy StarFox Rom Found And Leaked Would Be Nice. The Nintendo Virtual Boy Might Of Been Failure But I Think This Would Have Been A Exciting Game.

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