Super Mario World [SNES – Unused Stuff]

Super Mario World [SNES – Unused Stuff]


Thanks to “hacking” softwares, it’s possible to find a few beta things left in the memory of Super Mario World. There are some unused levels and sprites [like the Flying yellow mushroom (gives 1-up), the flying red coin (Gives 5 coins) and the vertical pirhana plant up (Though the upside down pirhana plant was in, this one wasn’t], a castle that has slight differences from the one in the final game, a random castle entrance with woking pipe (that just sends you to an endless bonus game most likely). It’s even possibile to fix the removed “super mario bros” subtitles (show in an official beta screen) back in the title screen. There are some overworld sprites that can be hacked back on the overworld, like a koopa kid that pulls you into a castle level and a leftover pihrana plant (It just sits their and chomps).







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11 thoughts on “Super Mario World [SNES – Unused Stuff]

  1. Keith S.


    Not yet to be released, to be soon, I think. I hope they should
    be released it. These hack is ripped from beta, that is such
    very cool thing to see them!

  2. Tomspud5

    Its used on Lunar Magic isnt it because ive seen the gold flying mushroom and the flying red coin and world objects. ill try to make a level with some stuff in thats beta but not the full real beta.

  3. Anon BSSM Fan

    Where can you find the Super Mario World Beta rom? I’m making the beta Mario sprite from the Beta Super Mario RPG.

  4. Anon BSSM Fan

    Hey you guys! Dýnami tis Afroditis, Metamórfosé Me!(Venus Power, Make Up!) …No. that’s not it. Could someone make a Beta Super Mario World rom? If you made the Beta Super Mario World rom, just let me know. I’ll be waiting for the full release.

  5. Nikki

    @Diego You found a “no Yoshi allowed” sign in final levels? Really??? Where is it? I have this game on my actual SNES but I can’t find the “no Yoshi allowed” sign anywhere!

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