Anachronox [PC Beta / PS1 Cancelled]

Anachronox [PC Beta / PS1 Cancelled]


Anachronox… a cold dark planet in the center of the Sender Sphere, crime… mafia… and a hilarious turn of style. Anachronox was an Rpg featured in the year 2001 by Edios Interactive and Ion storm, you took the place of Sylvester Bucelli (Sly Boots), A run down dectective living in a storage space above a bar. After being thrown out of a windobw by the local mafia taxman, he sets off in a quest to get his life back. He soon gets a small dectective work guiding a man down into a vast dangerous sewer like cave known as the Mystech Tunnels from there on he assembles a team of misfits who go off and save the universe.

Anachronox was considered the greatest game of all time to those who played it, it truely combined the Rpg style with a great story, amazing charecters, a plot that couldn’t be beat and of course a hilarious approach to the dark side of things. Sadly, first person shooters were all the rage at the time and Edios never had advertised Anachronox as well as they should so it never got the sales, a handful of players still group together working with the creators to bring a sequel but there is no luck so far.

Onto the Betas lol, Anachronox’s beta was only revealed through a short trailer that was put online two years before the games release, that trailer can be downloaded Here (thanks to Planet Anachronox) or you can see it below:

The level Senderstaion


was larger and more urban then the games final. The beta can be seen in the picture. There was also a level featured in the video that resembled a pirate ship, seen here:


The final level and the pirates never made it into the game, not at all. As well as various level changes there was various characters that never made it into the game, like the “Hermit” seen here:


the pirates from the Pirate level featured above, and various others. Not alot of information was leaked online due to the lack of popularity.

This game was announced for the PS1, most likely a short time after the games release. Of course it never saw the daylight, either for the bad game sales or the collapse of the Ps1. Aside from the Ps1, the game was written as a triliogy, I think all the scripts were written but they cannot be used. I guess you can say the Sequel was cancelled, but I like to think it is on postponement, all my friends at Edios say the same thing :)

As a side note, you can still play the demo. In fact that is all you can play, go Here. Hopefully we can still get Edios to give us a sequel…one day.

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