[Update] Mario Galaxy Beta intro

[Update] Mario Galaxy Beta intro

Super Mario Galaxy has made its debut into the gaming world, won various awards and all the excitement has died down, I still get a huge smile on my face when ever I play it. In fact, posters and other assorted items are all around my room. I first began watching videos and other media in August of 07, I had just gotten my Wii, but I haven’t heard about the game until the end of August. From the videos I began to watch, I saw the STARWORLD Galaxy, Gale Galaxy and various other videos. I never put the perspective of Beta into my head until December of 07, when I finally beat the game completly. I noticed that some of the levels I saw on youtube never were in the game, I got hard to work and learned about the beta’s. Below I have compiled all my information. This is my first report so don’t expect something awesome. Read the rest of this entry »


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