GTA IV [X360/PS3 – Beta]

GTA IV [X360/PS3 – Beta]


Michelle is Niko’s first girlfriend in GTA 4. In the beta version, her face looks totally different from the final. [Thanks a lot to Gerror for this image!]


Various users from the GTA Forums have found a lot of differences in the early GTA4 screens, were we can see:

  • A removed Black Taxis
  • Missing License Plates
  • Beta Gloves
  • Beta Haircut
  • Transparent White Blinkers for Police/Taxi
  • Beta clothes
  • Little Jacob without glasses
  • Beta MP5
  • Removed Silenced Glock
  • .375 Colt Python Revolver
  • Beta MP10 – Done (by BWARazor)
  • Yankee had white rims
  • NOOSE Van was an blue Boxville Truck
  • Vincent looks different
  • Vlad with a long haircut
  • RESTAUTANT were miss-spelled on the sign
  • Sales sign were removed in Chinatown
  • Leenies Fireproof were called in the beta “STANLEY Fireproof Door Co.”
  • Pogo the Space Monkey Arcade game from GTA SA in bars
  • In the Beta the Rotterdam Tower blue,purple and white lights intstead of red,white and blue lights in the final
  • The Beta has two 2 stores weren’t in the final game: JR.RAY’S and JIM
  • The Sex Shop had different wall textures

It’s interesting to notice that at the GTA Forum they are even working on a Mod for the PC version of the game, to restore some of the beta content removed from the final version! You can check the topic in here:  Grand Theft Auto IV Beta Mod.



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  1. the game ferrett

    .375 Colt Python Revolver i wish i wish this was released in the final version….i loved this gun in vice city/lcs

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