Internet Channel [Wii – Beta]

Internet Channel [Wii – Beta]

On December 22nd Nintendo released a free downloadable beta version of the internet channel that wii owners could snag from the wii shop channel. The internet channel was developed by Opera software and Nintendo. The internet channel is an internet browser which runs in Opera 9.

Months following the beta release, the full version of the internet channel was released which was free until June 30th 2007 and later it was sold for 500 wii points to download. Many changes were made over the beta. That includes a larger onscreen keyboard, improved zooming and scrolling system and a search engine tool powered by google or yahoo.

In 2009 the internet channel has returned to free status and nintendo offered people that bought the channel a refund in the form of an NES download.

Thanks to Eric Raack for the contribution!


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