Mario Land [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

Mario Land [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

VB Mario Land is a cancelled game /  prototype of the Mario Virtual Boy game that actually became Mario Clash. Nintendo was originally developing this as a full mario platform game, as show at E3 1995. The original project was cut and Mario Clash became just a remake of the classic Super Mario Bros, with featured small 3-d elements to show what the Virtual Boy was graphically capable of. For example, some parts exchanged the original idea of warp pipes with 3-d doorways that players enter by pressing up on the D-pad.

You can find more infos at Planet Virtual Boy


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8 thoughts on “Mario Land [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

  1. STICH666

    Nah it was doomed from launch. Poor 3D effects, limited portability, awefully expensive and rumors of eye damage really killed it for the most part.

  2. Euriz

    Mhh this could be a really awesome Game besides Wario Land, but I think some Ideas surely went into Super Mario Land 3ds ;)

  3. SP_Sour

    @STICH666: (I have a VB, so I would know this;) The 3D is not all that bad; in fact, it’s pretty cool! As for eye damage, my eyes are perfectly fine. And why would non-portability kill it? The marketing was more focused on “futuristic 3D” than much else. I’m not sure if portability was mentioned at all except maybe at E3 1995. If anything killed it, it was definitely the price. (It was first marketed at $500.)

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