Sim City [NES – Unreleased]

Sim City [NES – Unreleased]

Around September/October 1990, Nintendo Power magazine announced that they would bring the highly acclaimed Maxis game SimCity to the Nintendo consoles on the market at the time, both the SNES and the NES. The magazine listed a release date of this for simultaneous release for Spring of 1991. In the November/December 1990 issue two screenshots from the game were published and those two screenshots were for a very long time the only proof that a NES version of the game actually existed.


Almost 15 years later, Nintendo Power addressed the unreleased game once again, reffering it as “A lost treasure of the past”. Shown in the screenshot below, they say the game was never released “because of bad timing”. It also states the game was “far in developement” yet unfortunately “canceled”(Nintendo power made a spelling mistake there XD)


Thanks a lot to NES World for these screenshots!

Video (From Grooveraider YT Channel):

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18 thoughts on “Sim City [NES – Unreleased]

  1. Tom Barrister

    Sim City for the NES definitely was released. I have a copy of the cartridge in a drawer at home.

    1. protoman x

      get it to the rom of it to the internet we need images of the cart the Rom online for people to play and some screan shots and you will be created on posting and giveing people the chance to play this game people wnat to play this game

  2. William Powell

    I have seen both spellings of the word in the U.S. and it can be either canceled or cancelled. It does not just have to do with the U.K. It also has to do with family generations. As for Sim City, too bad it was never released to those who wanted it. Too bad, indeed.

  3. Ryan Rousseau

    Good news, while not currently available online, at least one of the two prototypes of the NES port has been successfully dumped.

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