Tiny Toon Adventures [Jaguar – Cancelled]

A platform game with Tiny Toon characters, in development for the Jaguar but later cancelled. It seems that a beta-demo of this game was leaked some time ago. In 2006, Atariboy has posted on the Toon Zone Forum some images and sprites from this game, that were found on the official site of the developers.

Thanks to MathUser for some of these scans!



Donkey Kong Country 2 [SNES – Beta / Unused Stuff]

Here are some beta / unused finds from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest! Robert Seddon linked us to another interesting topic in the DKC Atlas Forum, where Kiddy14 has found out about a beta video of DKC2 with lots of differences from the final version! In there we can see that there’s no fog in Web Woods, the Lava Lagoon has no lava and there are Klaptraps around there, the player can not swim in the water and there’s a storm in Mainbrace Mayhem and Krow’s Nest. For more infos check the original topic in the DKCA Forum! Also, they found some unused sprites for Dixie and Diddy Kong. There was also a character cut from the game. His name was Mr. X. It is speculated that he was supposed to be the boss of Gusty Gulch but never made it to the final game and was was replaced by another boss named Kreepy Krow.

Codes for unused levels and more can be found at The Cutting Room Floor!

Thanks to Gabriel for the contribution of the sprite pictures!




Kirby Super Star Ultra [DS – Beta]

Thanks to a post in our forum, Granville has made us notice about a couple of interesting differences between an early build of Kirby Super Star Ultra and the final version of the game. In the first comparison, the ground is a lot different. It’s blue and very rocky-looking in the early footage, but grassy in the final build.



Thanks to Granville for the contribution!

You can find more about the Kirby series in the WiKirby