Advent Rising [XBOX PC – Beta / Unused]

Advent Rising is a science fiction action adventure developed by GlyphX Games and published by Majesco for Xbox and PC in 2005. As we can read on Wikipedia, Advent Rising was the first in a planned trilogy which also saw the development of Advent Rising PSP, a side story that took place at the same time as the first game. However, the first game’s retail performance fell short of expectations. By the end of 2005, Majesco Entertainment had completely revised its business plan and canceled plans for future Advent Rising games. Advent Rising was an ambitious project, but even the only released chapter was cut and changed before the final version.

Greg was able to find a lot of unused content in Advent Rising that is still accessible through the PC version’s console. This includes content that was promised in trailers, E3 demos, and the like, but cut for various reasons. Much of the content still exists in partially usable form once you spawn it into the game. 

Moonlight Fables [DS – Cancelled]

Moonlight Fables is a cancelled side-scrolling action-adventure game, exclusively for the DS, that was slated for release in 2005 by Majesco. Designed by Cyber Philharmonic Video Game Design, the game was going to feature touch-screen input, use of the DS’s two screens and “multiplayer network play” (according to official publicity). Whether this refers to online play, or simply close-range wireless play, is not specified. While an action-adventure, the game would also have tasked the player with different puzzles to solve.

The game was gothic-fantasy-themed, and featured 19-year-old werewolf and Officer School For International Strike Forces graduate Trista Silver. Interestingly, the game was planned to have all of its levels merged into one giant area, allowing seamless movement between sections. It was going to include a range of weapons to master, including the mystical Moon Sword, various types of blaster and the player’s own werewolf teeth and claws. Quite an impressive visual arsenal was in the works, which boasted such features as a blend of 2D and 3D art styles, and a dynamic camera that zoomed in and panned around to highlight specific events.

Although Moonlight Fables was one of the first titles announced for the DS by a western publisher, it went through a major developmental overhaul mid-production. After these major changes, Majesco re-evaluated the game, and took it off their release list. It has since been officially cancelled.

The original website for the game can still be accessed via the Internet Archive.

Article by Franklint


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