Monster Party [NES – Beta / Unused Stuff]


Cubivore10 has sent to us lots of informations and screens about Monster Party, an old game for the NES. In these beta screens we can see some unused sprites of a monkey, a key, 1-up, a race-car thing and a different version of one of the bosses. Some of the screens are a remake of the original beta scans with home-made tiles, to have a better version of the scenes. In the title screen, there was blood on the menù, while in the final version it was just a green slime, the text and the icon were changed and the spider-thing has a different head. The hero of the game was pink and white in the beta version, instead of the green / black colors of the complete game. Even the HUD is different.

In the screen with the “eggplant monster” we can see the first boss of Monster Party, with a different design that seems a citation from the movie “The Little Shop of Horrors”, hence the karaoke machine and the microphone (the film was a musical). The karaoke and the microphone are not seen in the final version, but they are still in there: they blacked out the graphic in the boss room, so they blend in with the background. You can even stand on the karaoke, if you go around the monster and jump.

Also, in January 2010, Cubivore10 found some more unused sprites in the game’s code:


You’ll see in the row of graphics I numbered as 1. you will see some odd faces and unused items. The faces where most likely background tiles, but they where found near a boss, so this COULD be leftover from a removed boss, but probably not. The unused items are very interesting also. There is some weird…diamond thing which I could only assume was a beta version of the dragon capsule or more commonly referred to as the “pill” that transforms the main hero Mark into his Dragon-like friend.

There also appears to be some object which sort of reminds me of a piece of candy. My only guess is that its another design for the pill. I’m not sure what the ball object is, your guess is as good as mine. The shield shaped thing that says “up” is probably a 1-up of some sort, which would make sense that they took it out since the game doesn’t have lives, just an unlimited amount of continues. Last of the supposed items is a key.

Now after defeated the necessary amount of bosses per stage you are awarded a key that grants you access to the next stage. Now you are also given a “?” item after defeating each boss which appears in the middle of the room. It could be that a key would appear instead after beating the last boss of that stage instead of you getting the “?” and the key.

Now for row 2…A monkey. I could only assume that this is an enemy, I tried to assemble the graphics a little bit. He’s with the first level enemies if I remember right and seems to be near two sprites of a bone. I’d bet that the monkey threw the bones at you.

Row 3 is are the monkey graphics as I found them so if you wanna try to put them together.

Row 4 is pretty neat. I’m nor POSITIVE that these are unused but they probably are.( I should know, I just beat the game a couple days ago!) They are found with the enemies of the last stage, and is clearly a chicken…really. They might have scrapped this enemy in favor of the flying sticks of TNT, the graphics are right next to each other. Next in that row is the race car-driving-werewolf. He is found in the first level’s graphics too. Last is a silhouette of a fish. This MIGHT be used, I don’t know for sure though, it matches with the big-finned fish of stage 5, this could have (or might still be) used for when it goes into the water.

On to row 5…I’m…really not sure here. These are kept near the boss of stage 5 that throws javelins, but they don’t look like anything I remember seeing in the game. Most likely tiles.

Row 6. Some projectile I think. This is kept by Chameleon Man, the only boss of stage 6. The boss is hidden amongst a mess of graphics that look like him as well as three other look-alikes. He doesn’t throws things at you and the real one is the only on that will damage you if you touch him. He might have shot these at you at some point.

The last row is row 7. Not much but kinds neat. This was found neat the first boss of the game, the man-eating eggplant. Now he actually appears in a beta shot of the game, but wasn’t an eggplant. His (Her?) head was more like a flytrap and was seen with an amp and microphone and over-head lights (which are still in the final version) This was clearly a parody of the Audrey II, the man-eating singing plant from the movie Little Shop of Horrors (GREAT movie BTW)

That said this kinds musical note thingy may have been its original projectile instead of the bubbles is uses now.


It looks like some unused enemies, who look like they’d fit in with level one. Also I noticed that the musical note graphic I found seems to be the SAME graphic that the punk rocker boss uses so I was either wrong about the plant spitting them at one point or they would have used the same graphics. Speaking of the punk rocker boss while looking around his graphics I saw yet another unused projectile: Another musical note (the double one) So he probably shot out both at some point in the game’s life.

Thanks a lot to Cubivore10 for the contribution & Silenceofthehills for the comparison video (keep in mind that the screens from the MP sequel were just a mistake, later corrected in the comments)!




Wild 9 [PSX – Beta]

Wild 9 (known as Wildroid 9 in Japan) is a video game developed by Shiny Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation, with a Sega Saturn version also planned but never released. Its gameplay is that of a 2D platformer, with occasional breaks in 3D dimension. [Info From Wikipedia]

Misterite has an interesting Wild 9 video on his Youtube Channel that shows an early build of the game, with unfinished levels and probabbly some other differences that i could not find.. but thanks to the help of Silverduran we have more informations: there’s a ton of things that had been changed from the final version, like Wex’s character model is much bigger and looks different, the Jet Cycle ended up being red, the guy ((Nitro)) that Wex picks up ended up being MUCH bigger, and 98% of the level designs shown in this video were never used.. but the animations were tho.

In the gallery below you can see many screenshots from a beta version 50% complete, if you can notice more differences in these images please let us know!

Thanks a lot to Silverduran for the contribution!



Earthworm Jim [SNES/MD – Beta / Concept]


Although it seems to start out as something completely different, this is a promotional video for Earthworm Jim, mostly focusing on the Mega Drive version. As well as some insight into the design process of the game, it shows a lot of footage from an earlier version of the game. Unfortunately, the way the video has been edited together means that picking apart all the differences between the early version shown and the final game is very difficult, but some parts are clearer than others.

Some of the highlights include:

  • 1:13 – Completely scrapped level, with a suitless Jim wandering around on spikey platforms.
  • 3:40 – Concept art, including a scrapped Psycrow encounter
  • 5:05 – 5:30 – Shows a slightly different HUD (different Atom icon), different opening segment from New Junk City, and different looking segment from  What the Heck level
  • 6:09 – 6:30 – Glitchy segment of Who Turned Out the Lights (you can see a giant 10 for some reason) and another completely scrapped level- first shown with Jim alone, then with him fighting Psycrow


From some beta screenshots that were published in Nintendo Power, we can notice various differences. On the new junk city images the background art design looks different and there’s also a moose head in everyone of them, but those are normally only used to swing from. The wheel monster has a completely different design in the final game. On the screenshots for What The Heck the design looks different and the backgrounds are different in at least one of the screenshots. On the screenshot of For Petes Sake everything about that level is different in the final game: the asteroids, the background, and the ground. Jim’s models also seems to be different maybe even better looking than in the final game. Also, in the last screenshot we can notice a weird looking enemy to the left of Jim which isn’t in the final game.

Also, thanks to we can see many concept arts from the development of the game, showing an early design for Intestinal Distress (the falling columns of fat aren’t in the final game, and the idea for the villi was later used in Earthworm Jim 2), early concept art for Buttville and New Junk City (with some gameplay ideas that would’ve probaly been impossible to pull of on a 16 bit console), a concept of a level based off of Bob the Goldfishes world which didn’t make it into the final game and various character designs.

Thanks to Earthwormjim, Lemm and retroguy205 for the contribution!


More beta Videos:

Rayman [Beta – Jaguar, Playstation,Saturn]

Rayman is a video game designed and published by Ubisoft. It was originally released in September 1995 for the Atari Jaguar and MS-DOS, and in November 1995 for the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. A port of this game was to be released for the Sega 32X, but when the system died off due to low popularity, the port was canceled. Rayman is a traditional side-scrolling platform game which revolves around the titular character’s quest to save his world from the evil Mr. Dark.

Early in its development, Rayman was going to be about an eleven-year-old boy named Jimmy. Jimmy takes advantage of the realms that he discovers within his computer to create a fantasy world called Hereitscool. When evil invades Hereitscool, Jimmy turns into a superhero named Rayman to save Hereitscool. This idea was scrapped, and Rayman is his own being in his own world in the final version. There were a few comments in the story, such as “Sorry folks, this apparently can’t last. Do you want to play or what?”, but they were cut for the final version.

[Info from Wikipedia]

In these old screens from the back of the box from the Jaguar version, we can see some beta-differences.

beta rayman video:  there is no sound and also the life icons are different. The life is in the top middle along with 8 life dots and instead of the orbs count you have a blue guys count but in the final version life count is in top left at the edge of the screen and the blue orbs in the top right rayman can also walk on his hands in this video (not sure about the final version).

Thanks to The_IT_08 and kieranmay for the contributions!



Shantae 2006 [DS – Cancelled]


The original Shantae is a platform game created by Matt Bozon for the Game Boy Color. It was produced by WayForward Technologies and distributed by Capcom. Various Shantae sequels were planned for the GBA, GameCube and the DS, but never released. In the first Shantae Club newsletter (May 2008), Wayforward revealed some interesting infos about the DS version of Shanate: “In 2006-2007 we hit pretty hard, with a massive undertaking to redo the cast of hero and enemy sprites, and about half of the sequel’s backgrounds were created by