Kirby Super Star Ultra [DS – Beta]

Kirby Super Star Ultra [DS – Beta]

Thanks to a post in our forum, Granville has made us notice about a couple of interesting differences between an early build of Kirby Super Star Ultra and the final version of the game. In the first comparison, the ground is a lot different. It’s blue and very rocky-looking in the early footage, but grassy in the final build.



Thanks to Granville for the contribution!

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3 thoughts on “Kirby Super Star Ultra [DS – Beta]

  1. Tim Stoddard

    I’m not sure if the second beta photo is real. Here are faults with it:
    1) In the final, Kirby is riding Dyna Blade. But in the beta, you can see Kirby riding on the warp star
    2) You cannot see in the beta that Kirby is being shot at
    3) That very position that the Halberd is actually shown in one of the cutscenes in the final build

    To conclude, I think the CGI picture isn’t actually from the beta, if it is, it is being compared to the WRONG cutscene

  2. monokoma Post author

    You are right Tim, the “final” screen is not really from the same scene, just a “general” cutscene to compare the “beta” with! From what Grandville said, it seems that the scene with Kirby on the WarpStar is not in the final game, because the Halberd is in a different position, but i dont know if in the final game there’s a scene with kirby on the WarpStar.. at least i didnt find a good one to confirm the supposed difference :(

  3. Granville

    You were right. I made a big mistake in regards to the CGI scene. I went back and watched the halberd scenes and that scene is correct. I apologize. It was an accident that I missed.

    The Dynablade scene however, is legit.

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