Pit Fighter 2 [Genesis / MegaDrive – Cancelled]

Pit Fighter 2 [Genesis / MegaDrive – Cancelled]

Pit Fighter 2 is the cancelled sequel to the “cult classic” arcade fighting game. Check the screenshots below for more info!

The bad arcade fighter is now badder than ever. You’ll use all you’ve got to pulverize the challengers and become the Grand Champion. Live-action video graphics and unique characters with signature moves bring the bone-crushing action to life. (Available October)

Thanks to MathUser, Akkroid and RetroMags (pics in the October 93 issue 51 of GamePro on page 157) for these scans!


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5 thoughts on “Pit Fighter 2 [Genesis / MegaDrive – Cancelled]

  1. bionicman1024

    I don’t know what year these screen shots are from, but the new characters shown in them are actually characters used in the 1992 Atari Games arcade side-scrolling beat ’em up called Guardians Of The ‘Hood. All the character names are the same, with the exception of HELGA, who is the final boss in Guardians called Mr. Big. The sprites\graphics in the scans shown look near identical to the aforesaid arcade game, with only minor technical differences, obviously things like colour depth and resolution

    1. monokoma

      Interesting, thanks Bionicman! I searched a bit and found this on Wikipedia:
      In 1992, a fighting game called Guardians of the ‘Hood was released by Atari Games. This game featured the same style of digitized characters seen in Pit-Fighter and the player could have 3 other players join simultaneously. The big difference this time around was it played like a scrolling fighter, beat ’em up game and had a completely new cast of characters.

  2. TK

    To Dragon5,

    There is another character called Kwan in PF2. He is not a playable character. He was actaully one of the boss in Guardian of the hood aracde game(chinatown stage).

    Pit fighter II was scheduled for released in 1993/94 for Sega Genesis, but got cancelled for some reason. I used to have 3 screenshoots from a gamepro magzine back in 1993 showing the executioner fighting TY, Ty fighting Jay-Jay, and Kwan fighting Ty separately.

    I used to love playing PF on Genesis and was really looking forward for PF2.

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