Pit Fighter 2 [Genesis / MegaDrive – Cancelled]

Pit Fighter 2 is the cancelled sequel to the “cult classic” arcade fighting game. Check the screenshots below for more info!

The bad arcade fighter is now badder than ever. You’ll use all you’ve got to pulverize the challengers and become the Grand Champion. Live-action video graphics and unique characters with signature moves bring the bone-crushing action to life. (Available October)

Thanks to MathUser, Akkroid and RetroMags (pics in the October 93 issue 51 of GamePro on page 157) for these scans!


Ninja Gaiden [Mega Drive / Genesis – Beta / Cancelled]


This is Ninja Gaiden for the Genesis. It is (in theory) a conversion of the 1988 coin-op, but basically the only thing that it is similar to the original is the HUD, because everything else was completely reworked. It was never released (even if some websites claims the opposite) in any region, and since it is available online and we can play it, it is not hard to understand why. Apart from being still bug-filled, it is one of the worst beat’em up on the console, featuring a really bad graphic engine even for the time (1992), a moveset pratically inexistent and some of the most less creative enemies ever.


Gamefan - October 1992


Mortal Kombat [MD/G – Beta]


MathUser has made us notice that he has posted lots of scans with beta and cancelled games in the Hidden Palace Forum and between those, there are these screens from an early version of Mortal Kombat for the Genesis, with a strange color palette and a exhibition mode that was removed in the final version. Thanks to MathUser and sorry for the delay!

Also in a video documentary that you can see below, Ed Boon talks about the early development of the game, with some interesting unseen info!




Mission Impossible [SNES MD GEN – Cancelled]

Before being released on the Nintendo 64, Mission Impossible was in development for the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive / Genesis, but soon the 16 bit versions were cancelled, to shift resources to the Ultra 64 one. The game was going to be similar to Flashback by  Delphine Software, as a side-scrolling action game with puzzles and gun fights. Currently we dont know which studio was working on Mission Impossible 16 Bit, but it should have been published by Ocean, as the N64 version.

If you have more info or screens about this lost game, please let us know!

Thanks to Robert Seddon and Celine for the scans! (Magazines: Joypad #44, Top Consoles #4, Console Plus #45)