Magic Shop Tycoon 2 (Gameneo) [Nintendo DS – Cancelled]

Magic Shop Tycoon 2 (Gameneo) [Nintendo DS – Cancelled]

Magic Shop Tycoon 2 is a cancelled RPG / simulation that was in development by Gameneo around 2005, planned to be released on Nintendo DS. By looking at the available screenshot we assume gameplay would have been similar to “Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale”, with players taking the role of a shopkeeper selling magic and other items to adventurers. It seems you could create new magic spells and test them against monsters before selling them to the heroes.

We are not sure about what happened to this lost project and by searching online we cannot find any info about the first “Magic Shop Tycoon” nor Gameneo. As the language in these screenshots looks Korean, could they have been an obscure Korean game studio? If you could find something more about Magic Shop Tycoon 2 or its creators, please let us know in the comments below!


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One thought on “Magic Shop Tycoon 2 (Gameneo) [Nintendo DS – Cancelled]

  1. P. L. Hepkins

    You’d probably have to ask a Korean gamer in the know about this. Magic Shop Tycoon 2 may have been one of those game projects that appeared and disappeared just as quickly. There is a company called Game Neo Co Ltd, though it’s hard to say what they sell. Probably not video games judging from the extreme lack of information available. There is also a website called, but it’s just a domain purchase page. If Gameneo was ever a company once, they probably don’t exist anymore.

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