X-Men [32X – Cancelled]

X-Men [32X – Cancelled]

X-Men: Mind Games is a cancelled action game that was in development by Scavenger and it would have been published by SEGA in 1995 / 1996 for the 32X. The game was shown at the E3 1995 and a playable demo was found and leaked by the SEGASaturno community in August 2009! This version is playable only trough real hardware (edit: now supported by Kega Fusion) and it’s an  early prototype with a couple of levels. A mirror of the leaked beta can be downloaded on Hidden Palace. (edit: not available)

Thanks to Celine for the contribution and props to SEGASaturno!


MEAN MACHINES SEGA 37, november 1995.


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7 thoughts on “X-Men [32X – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Scavenger (Edge Oct’95) described X-Men as ‘The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen’ and said they were waiting on finished artwork from SEGA before game could be completed.

    1. scavenger team member

      Scavenger was hired by Sega to make a 32x version of Xmen. Then Sega told Scavenger they were taking away 32x Xmen from Scavenger and giving to another company because of some contractual problems unrelated to Scavenger. Sega then put Scavenger on the 32x version of Batman. Sega then cancelled that too due to unstated reasons which I believe was because 32x was failing as a platform. Scavenger was paid on both titles and just continued making its own games.

      The demos above are not made my Scavenger. Those came from another company. That is NOT Scavenger’s work.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    These are some fantastic claims and could be just the sort of insights this site is looking for.

    However..we have been here before with individuals making up claims about Lomax on PlayStation and plans for Croc III.

    Could you make your real name known please?

    Privately to Luca via the contact details for the site would be fine.

    Hope you understand why it’s needed.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    When you say Scavenger. .can you be more specific?

    Company had various offices and teams…Danish teams, English teams etc…

    A lot of rumours about experience of various groups and managers there of.

    It seems a very complex web to try and look deeper into, especially with specific titles.

    I’ve seen claims from supposed ex staff before, ditto people from Bullfrog giving their take on Peter Molyneux comments in Edge magazine.

    Some aspects are better left buried it seems.

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