Kartoon Kombat [MD/G – Cancelled]

Kartoon Kombat [MD/G – Cancelled]

Do you remember that damaged ROM of a cancelled genesis game that was found by Mr. Mark? It was Kartoon Kombat, an arcade fighting game developed by American Technos, that was planned for the Sega Genesis, something like a parody of Mortal Kombat with cartoon characters.  Sadly, as the ROM is broken we’ll probably never be able to play the game, but thanks to Rod_Wod from the Assembler Forum, we can at least take a look at a screenshot from it, as he found an image in an old magazine!


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One thought on “Kartoon Kombat [MD/G – Cancelled]

  1. devin2d

    has american technos successfully released any games at all? technos japan did well on popeye for the snes.. but the gens version made by the american technos was canceled.

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