[Projects] The Zelda 64 Castle Town in the Beta Restoration!

[Projects] The Zelda 64 Castle Town in the Beta Restoration!

Here’s another nice update from our friends at Team Beta Triforce, about the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project. Do you remember the original version of the Castle Town, as we have seen it in these famous beta screens?

Well, you will be able to play in there in the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration public demo that is scheduled for release this year! In the meantime, check the video below to have a look at the beta Castle Town, resurrected in its full glory! Keep in mind that this is still an early preview demo of the mod:

For more updates and feedbacks on the Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration Project, check the main article in here.

Update:  ZM90 from the Team Beta Triforce has let us know that The demo castle town will be playable in the public demo that is scheduled for release this year! Also the release date of the “final version” of the OoTBRP has been pushed back to at least 2012: the reason it has to be pushed back is because they need to make the other areas much bigger like they did with the town. Hyrule Field in the OoTBRP will be roughly the size of the one in TP. Also, there are new inside areas to make and a ton of new NPCs to create. Keep up the good work guys!

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10 thoughts on “[Projects] The Zelda 64 Castle Town in the Beta Restoration!

  1. The Smooth

    You know that, that beta town is actually in the game. Go to the drawbridge and look at the 2d town. It’s the same town as the beta one.

  2. Animedude5555

    I get it, it’s too big for anyone short of Nintendo to do something like this, and everyone has their own lives, so they don’t want to waste years working on something that isn’t their job. So you are wanting to quit for now (and possibly forever). However instead of taking your project to the grave with you by not releasing any download links (which is the current state of things), why don’t you release your hacked-to-play-like-beta ROM at its current state, so others can enjoy the work you have already put into it, even if it’s not finished to the point you would have liked to have finished it to.

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