[Projects] Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration [UPDATE 28/06/2016]

[Projects] Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration [UPDATE 28/06/2016]

Update: Unfortunately the team never finished the project because of technical issues related to the impossibility to incorporate actors into the new scenarios they made. But thanks to Akito_Kun a playable demo of the mod was shared online.

The Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration Project was a mod who’s goal was to remake the entire (or as much as possible) Beta version of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Now, there are several beta versions. They were focusisng on the A+C version, where there was only adult link. So the game was adult link only. There was a massive number of things from the beta being revived.

Beta attacks such as the jump strike and sword beam attack. All attacks and interface modifications were programed directly into the game, so no cheats needed. And of course, the original A+C interface was there, as well as a integrated textures to make the game look as legitimate as possible.

Beta Items include:

  • Bomb arrows
  • Medallions
  • Equippable fishing rod.
  • Reed whistle for calling Epona

Beta areas such as:

  • Original graveyard (flat, very different layout)
  • Castle Sewers (original method of escaping castle)
  • Beta castle town (3D and explorable)
  • Lost woods (3D, has multiple trails leading to places, and no tunnels like final version)
  • And more!

Old Project News :

Currently ZM90 has not touched the beta restoration stuff in months and TBT just recently reformed, they are not done with the demo, and they are just getting things back to normal. Their plan is to release a playable demo of the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration in the following months. Due to internal issues in the team, it’s possible that the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration will never be finished.


For more info:


Restored (For now):

BETA Presentation – Restored

BETA Lampposts – Restored

Great Blue Fairy – Restored

Temple of Time – Upside-Down TRIFORCE – Restored

Temple of Time – Background Music BETA – Restored

Backalley BETA – Restored

Dogs BETA – Restored

Market BETA – Restored (%80)

Alpha Jump Attack – Restored

Beam Blade Attack – Restored

BETA Dodongo’s Death Animations – Restored

BETA Link’s Shadow – Restored

BETA Triforce Transition – Restored

All BETA Link’s Attacks – Restored

BETA Zelda’s Courtyard – Restored

BETA Kokiri Forest – Restored

BETA Cucco’s House (Lon Lon Ranch) – Restored

BETA Zora’s River Exit – Restored

· More Coming Soon…

Thank you for reading!

For more info and beta Zelda updates, check:

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60 thoughts on “[Projects] Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration [UPDATE 28/06/2016]

  1. jaz

    No offense to the team or anything, but I don’t really see the point in these beta remakes, there’s nothing new to discover and it just seems like a waste of effort. Real prototypes are much more interesting.

    1. Aelvir

      That’s where you’re wrong.
      I’m gonna say it. But Ocarina of Time was a rushed project and it was sloppy. Watch Gaming Mysteries Zelda64 Redux. Ocarina of time was very epic in its conception and was supposed to be awesome. The battle system was very fluent. Unlike in OoT Zelda64(OoT’s beta) let you move freely and strafe against an enemy freely without having to lock-off of the enemy. You can cut around with your sword while running, and one-hit doesn’t automatically force you into ide standing slashes (cough*cough*Twilight Princess*cough). Everything you do in the game would be permanent. If you break a pot, it wouldn’t respawn, if you cut grass, it wouldn’t regrow, if you cut a tree, it would remain as such. If you left footprints in the ground, they would stay in there for the remainder of the game. Hyrule Castle Town was c a completely 3D render rather than a lame-ass 2D backdrop. Link’s jump slash was originally preceded by jumping frontflip. the Great Fairies looked awesome. You could also use charged sword beams in the beta. It also had a different first-person view camera the camera would be centered at Link’s upper-backsimilar to that Super Mario 64 but had more clock-like axis control of the camera. It also had a manual 180-degree turnaround, quite identical to the 180-turn seen Resident Evil games (ie REmake for the GameCube). The turnaround was also able to be used while both walking and running. And my biggest beef is that the beta let you attack freely. All the 3d zeldas up to this point had you attack in VERY limited segmented slashes. Where as you can smoothly slash wherever you want without delay. The moment the slash hits you flow into another slash. Not to mention, that its clear that the wait-and-attack concept was added in when they had to scrap all the previous awesomeness because the N64-DiscDrive was a flop. And in Beta footage, the blade traps seem to not be in the game at all. takes a breath Honestly, they worked ont his for three years and most of it was the 64DD version. And by far was better. But they had to scrap it with very limited time to redo it all. So, it was all rushed. Why they didn’t add Zelda64 as a bonus for completing both Ocarina of Time AND Master Quest in OoT3D or as DLC for OOT3D is BEYOND me. >:T

      Case and point, Ocarina of Time isn’t a masterpiece it was mroe of a flop than the DiscDrive. Zelda64 is the masterpiece we never got, Ocarina of Time was a rushed botched game. Nintendo can bring in Zelda64, touch it up fill in the blanks and release it as a new game itself. Will the WiiU Zelda have it? I doubt it. The biggest thing I liked out of Zelda64 was the attacking system I I can bet for a fact it’s just going to be the stupid segmented attacks.

  2. monokoma

    Well you are right Jaz, to have a real Zelda 64 proto would be the best option, but as we probably will never be able to play the real deal, at least we can play something that looks a bit like that ;) It’s more for fun purpose than to discover new stuff

  3. ChampionMan

    Jaz, the beta version of Ocarina of Time had so many desired things that were eventually dropped. Plus plenty of mystery behind it. Players want to know what it was like, and we’re doing our best to recreate it.

  4. ZM90

    Jaz. I respect your opinion but, I have mine as well. We are doing this because this is the dream of me and millions of fans. Now I know it won’t be perfect but, once we’re done with it, it will be very close to what the beta version was meant to be. On the day this is done millions of fans dreams will be fulfilled. Face it, we’re not going to get an actual A + C proto so this is the best thing we can do is restore it to as close as possible.

  5. 8PM

    I havent even heard of some of these things like the fishing rod or all of those temples.This is just a really amazing project,I just have a question.
    How are you going to restore all of these things,I mean….If all of this was on the origional game file,wouldnt people be able to make a gameshark code to be able to use it or something?
    Sorry if I sound stupid but this is just something right out of my imagination! I know that it is soo to the very extent extream to ever be able to play the origional version(or as much of it)
    Just amazing,I cant wait for this to be done and I hope you guys dont drop the project.

  6. ZM90

    Well 8PM allow me to answer your question. It will require. Retexturing, remodeling, 3D modeling, assembly hacking, ect. Yes some of the things are still in the game’s data though and some things are not. Also a GS cannot restore the beta because it can’t 3D model, retexture, or make the changes permanent as far as I know. Yes I know this sounds unbelievable but, we will get A + C restored as close as possible. Don’t worry we won’t drop the project. I wouldn’t drop this project since it’s my dream and the dream of millions of fans.

  7. Zero7

    sounds awesome guys, although it does sound like a completely different game with all the stuff you guys are adding.

  8. ZM90

    Well Zero7 A + C is the development period that we refer to as Zelda64 before it was OoT. It had a completely different story. Also it had areas from OoT that were in their earliest states. It also had plenty of areas that are no longer in OoT.

  9. ChampionMan

    Basically how you will get the mod is you will download the rom, and simply boot it up. All modifications will be injected directly into the rom, and all interface and attack modifications will be built-in, so no code is neccesary. We want to make this as user-friendly as possible so it’s easier to just hop right in an play the game. We’re also making it so no cheats can be used on the rom, and that it will not be compatible with Utility of Time, or any opther modding software. This is because we want our work to stay secure. Hope this clears up some questions!

  10. ZM90

    Well spin and I actually decided on a patch. However we’ll make sure that the not only turns the debug ROM into the A + C beta version but, the patch will patch it to where nobody can use cheats or mod it.

  11. 8PM

    Okay,im going to bother you again. Is there any removed character models like,designs for civilians or sages or even Ganondorf?

  12. ChampionMan

    Yes, plenty. Zeth, who’s our Beta NPC restorer is restoring beta kokiri models, the reed whistle, and many other things. We’re also getting the beta link model (shown in the center of our team symbol). Sages, however, we don’t have data for what their models looked like. So no. Hope this cleared everything up.

  13. ZM90

    Zeth is amazing at beta NPC restoring. Also spin already restored the Reed model we just need to steal the animation and do some assembly. As for the Link model I have examined it and there is hardly any beta left. Nintendo took out most of the beta out of that model with the exception of the sword. Yeah it’s sad but, true OoT Link has more beta then the actual A + C model. However the A + C model still has the beta sword leftover so we are going to replace one of OoT Link’s swords with the A + C sword model.

  14. 8PM

    What about the having swords assigned to the c buttons?
    Like in some of the beta screens it shows a big sword where the bottom C button is and a smaller sword on the top where navi’s icon usually is.
    Are you guys able to restor that too? And if so,what is it for exactly?

  15. ZM90

    That’s the interface we will be restoring. How I think it may have worked is you could assign any item to the A button or the C buttons but, you could only use the item if it was assigned to the A button.

  16. 8PM

    What will the medallions be used for?
    And I get it now,that isnt the top C button its the
    origional placement of the A button :P
    And what sword is that on the bottom C button?
    I love what you did with that graveyard restoration and
    I really want to see the dungeon under the beta grave

  17. ZM90

    Now now 8PM we can’t spoil everything for you though I will tell you one of the medallions has a warp effect but, that’s all you’ll get out of me about the medallions. The sword on the bottom C button is Biggorn sword and the one on the A button is the Master Sword. As for the dungeon under the grave it won’t come in development until much later. Right now we are focused on getting the public demo together.

  18. ZM90

    Now now Plotze we can’t spoil everything and besides we have to work on areas before videos of them will come. More videos will come with time so you’ll see more. I won’t tell you what the next video will be but, I will tell you it will be a more major area then the graveyard.

  19. ZM90

    Hey Jani. You just popped out of nowhere. You should come to teambetatriforce.freeforums.org it’d awesome to have the person who got me started on modding here. Anyway I hope you come to Team Beta Triforce forums. Peace out Jani.

  20. gsilver

    are you gona include the unicorn fountain? If so, are you gona recreate it or is it already onn the game software?

  21. ChampionMan

    The unicorn fountain wasn’t in the A+C beta, and was not even very interesting. It was just a fairy fountain, except the fairy came out of a glass triangle formed by unicorns. Fairy Fountains will be in the game, but they will be similiar to “A link to the past” fairy fountains.

  22. randomperson

    I’m sure most members of this will have real life get in the way and it will die a slow(or probably fast) death. Just watch.

    Seriously, it will.

    1. monokoma

      Have some hope, the restoration team is formed by great Beta Zelda Fans, probably they want to play and finish this even more than everyone else ;)

  23. ZM90

    We do have real life in the way a lot of times but, does that make this project dead? The answer to that question is no. No matter if RL sometimes interferes we will see this project through to the end. This is our dream and the dream of millions of Zelda fans and we are not going to let that dream fade. Please be patient with TBT. Randomperson it’s not going to die unless something splits the team which at the moment despite the fact that RL still exists I don’t really think anything will.

    1. monokoma

      Keep in mind that their target time is to finish this for 2010, so it’s not something that is going to keep them busy everyday. Real life will have it’s time to flown, between the moments for the Beta Restoration. If their passion for Zelda will remains, then the project will continue.. or so i hope :)

  24. Zodiacmaster101

    This is so freakin ausome, i have some questions though.

    When you guys finish making this will i have to pay to be able to play it? Also how exactley would i be able to play it, would i use an emulater or something like that?

  25. ZM90

    No there is no paying to play it involved. This is completely free. Yes you would use an emulator such as Nemu or Project64. I personally recommend Nemu whenever you get to play the mod though.

  26. Torin

    I never heard about this until today, but it sounds truly amazing! So what kind of new gear is available for use? You’ve mentioned the medallions (are any like bombos, ether, or quake?) the whistle, bomb arrows and fishing rod, which I assume are like the twilight princess versions, but are there any other items? I’ve always wondered what new toys I’m going to get. And you mentioned a number of beta dungeons. Are these added on in addition to the already existing dungeons, or do you have betas for them as well? And you mentioned a sword? Is it like any other sword from the series like the Golden Sword from LTTP? And last of all (for now) is it true you might be able to bring back the LTTP sword beams?

  27. ZM90

    Q: So what kind of new gear is available for use?

    A: We’re trying to not spoil that too much.

    Q: Are any medallions like bombos, ether, or quake?

    A: We’re not going to spoil the medallion effects for you wait until you play the mod to see ;)

    Q:You’ve mentioned the medallions (are any like bombos, ether, or quake?) the whistle, bomb arrows and fishing rod, which I assume are like the twilight princess versions, but are there any other items?

    A:Yes they’re like the ones in Twilight Princess and yes there are new items we haven’t told you about.

    Q:You mentioned a number of beta dungeons. Are these added on in addition to the already existing dungeons, or do you have betas for them as well?

    A: Some dungeons will be modified back into their beta forms, other dungeons will be removed and other dungeons will be created from scratch.

    Q:You mentioned a sword? Is it like any other sword from the series like the Golden Sword from LTTP?

    A: You have your starter sword, the Master Sword, and the Biggorn Sword although the Master Sword will be different than what you normally expect. I’ll give all of you a hint. Think of Wind Waker.

    Q:Is it true you might be able to bring back the LTTP sword beams?

    A: Yes we are bringing back the removed sword beam.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

  28. FullMetalMC

    so much pessimism in here I personally believe that an alpha OoT ROM will emerge but until then we have this great mod I recommend that u ask Cen for info on what OoT was like in its earlier stages hes the best u can get without the developers themselves

  29. ZeldaMaster90

    No thanks FullMetalMC. As we already have info from a NoJ employee which is better than Cen’s info. Which is what the information in the wiki is based off of. Hey Monokoma knows the contact is real too. Just ask him. ;)

  30. ZM90

    If you guys saw all of the behind the scenes progress you guys would probably drool over it but, let’s saving the drooling for the demo trailer shall we? ;)

    I can guarantee that we will see a release of the demo this year.

  31. ZM90

    For those of you who visit the official TBT site. The forums are currently down due to the worst attack on the forums to date. The forums should be back up once spinout returns which should be next week.

  32. ChampionMan

    To be perfectly honest and fair, the release of the demo this year will depend completely on just how much we can focus. Right now I think it’s safe to say we have quite a ways to go before we’re ready to release the demo. And, regardless how sure we may be about it, we shouldn’t “guarantee” anything. Yes, I’m looking at you ZM =P. Here’s hoping though! Speaking of which, I better get to work on hyrule field…

  33. ZM90

    I believe that it will be released this year as long as we keep progress at this rate. I mean we’re pouring out new areas almost daily.

  34. Linkx111

    Hello guys ^_^ first of: great work! I’ve always wondered how the beta game would’ve looked like… and that exactly my question:

    How do you the flow of the original story plot? The events that would’ve occurred? U got some files hacked directly from nintendo? I’m pretty curious, because i followed the nintendo 64 life cycle from his starts, and by doing so even the zelda 64 development from his 64dd roots. But as far as i knew, there is any trace of the old story on any of the article i read on my ooold magazines..
    8) and about the old dungeons here’s another question:

    How do you know their gameplay concepts, together with their puzzles? Or are u going to draw em from scratches? ^_^

    Thank for your answer, you guys are great 8)

    1. monokoma

      An early version of the OoT story was published by Nintendo Power / Nintendo.com in the old days, but i’m not sure if that’s the one that they will use in the beta remake. You can read the “original” story in the Zelda 64 Article (at the bottom)

  35. ZM90

    Monokoma that story isn’t the story from dev period we are restoring. The story that will be in the OoTBRP is.

    Link lived in the castle town with his uncle and is summoned by princess Zelda via her telepathic powers. He goes to the castle and finds Zelda before she is imprisoned. Link must defeat all the monsters within the temples than go back to the castle releasing each seal before continuing to the next temple. The Triforce is hidden within the Temple of Light which is accessed via the Hall of Time.

  36. ChampionMan

    Coming straight from the source – The Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration Project has virtually been destroyed. The team was dismantled, people began lying and ruining one another’s reputations, and I doubt the mod will ever be released.

    PREVIOUS Community Manager and Modder for the Project-

  37. SuperNormalMan

    So much for the beta mod…I think it’d be a better idea to bug Miyamoto to finish Zelda 64 beta and release it on Wiiware or something. With the current technology, he could definitely pull it off. If he’s worried about sales, he shouldn’t. Thousands of people would want to see what Ocarina of Time was supposed to play like. So instead of a mod, maybe you could make a petition to Miyamoto and make the dream a reality.

  38. CDi-Fails

    Guys, I know a guy that worked for this *Flotonic*, and he said all the members resigned, causing the BRP to be stopped

  39. CDi-Fails

    Yes, Flotonic was in the BRP and when TBT moved to the Zelda Informer forums, the members resigned due to lack of progression

  40. Eggt0n23

    Sorry for the double post, but i also heard that Flotonic was one of the fallouts the had with the TBT members.

  41. CDi-Fails

    Why is the URA project going good?
    1. It’s not making another whole game, just adding and editing the remaining things.
    2. You don’t have to make a completely new storyline and system of gameplay.
    3. This project doesn’t need the so called “ADVANCED HACKERS”. Also, the blue fairy, not to hard to put in :) Check out my Youtube channel

  42. mathieu

    We have to accept things and decision of other persons sometimes! Even if we wish to have their heart! I was very exited when i started reading the post dating 2008. Going down to 2010 was disappointing, really. But ladies and gentle mans… there many great artists who can make great fantasy adventure in the world! And there many project going on right now.

    Let just wait for the great arts to me made!

    Hope to play next adventure of Zelda very soon. Its the only game whos gonna take me back to gameplaying. Never been playing a game in two years! God damn. Though im 26 now and i have other ambition than playing very often. I have the childish mind into me, and The Legend Of Zelda with capital letter is in my heart forever! ;)

    Ps: if you have some suggestion of 3d fantasy game adventuring including a young boy or girl. ill be glad to hear from ya. My email [email protected]

  43. Cosmosis

    Is there any news on this after the SpaceWorld Beta release? I asked some smartass if they’d make a full version of that game rather than the demo, he said “ya it released in 1998” smh. Was hoping to see a full alpha/beta restoration complete with graphics, sword-beams, etc. Seems like so much content was cut due to time or limitations.

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