Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is an action RPG developed and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS with assistance from Hand. Granville has created a topic in our forum with an interesting series of beta screenshots and early videos that show various differences from the final version.

This footage is the earliest known footage from a Nintendo conference in 2007. The two worlds shown are Twilight Town and Wonderland. The structures of the levels are very different from the final game, there are a kind of heartless in wonderland where there aren’t supposed to be any of that species, and you’ll just notice a lot of general differences from the final game. Especially the HUD, which is nothing like the final game. Different sky color in Twilight Town, and you don’t go in that little underpass area to my knowledge.

In the gallery below you can see the gradual development of the game, with an early scenario that could have been used to test the gameplay. You can also notice a different hud, with magic bars: in the final game, there is no MP bar at all. Magic and items are both handled by numbers instead of a bar that depletes and refills.


In one of the beta screens there’s a place that seems to have been removed from the final game: it’s a grassy area with some broken columns (probably a beta Twilight Town). In another image we can notice a scene in which the player is chasing the rabbit in Wonderland, but that does not happen in the released game. Also, the area in the final version of wonderland seems more cramped than this one.

We can also notice that in one screen Roxas’ mugshot is slightly different from the final game. However, the old mugshot is still hidden in the game code as seen in the sprite rip from Barubary. There are actually SIX unused battle portraits listed in there.

In the July issue of Nintendo Power, the magazine told everyone that the worlds of Pinocchio and Traverse Town would be present in the game. Not so unfortunately. In the final game, those 2 areas were removed. However, a new sprite rip from Barubary has unveiled some other interesting mugshots that were unused but still hidden in the code. You can notice 3 character portraits from Pinocchio (Pinocchio, the Fox Honest John, the cat, and Gepetto). As Smouvy has made us to notice, if you play the mission where you face Guard Armor for the first time in the Colosseum, you’ll see flashes of Sora fighting Guard Armor in a fully modeled area of Traverse Town. So at least one area of Traverse Town did make its way into the final game.

Hidden in the game’s code there is also a Hercules character that doesn’t appear either: Megara.

Two more videos show a couple of unused scenarios: they were taken at a game conference back in 2008. It seems that these 2 unused scenarios were created specifically for that conference they were not intended for the final product.

Roxas and Axel in Twilight Town:

I don’t believe the scenarios or dialog ever happened as seen in this video. Perhaps a few parts did, but I know for sure that Roxas and Axel never fight that armored heartless beast in the final game. He does appear as a boss, but not in this scenario of this video.

Roxas and Xaldin in Beast’s Castle:

This one I know for sure has unused parts. For one, you only start out at that area once in the entire game. And it is not with the partner in that video (Xaldin). The events seen there do not happen, including the heartless ambush in the beginning. One more important thing- The potions you collect around the 2:05 portion of the gameplay are totally different looking in the final game. They just look like generic packages in the final. Same sound but different appearance. The boss there though did appear in the final game. There were some minor camera angle differences though.

Thanks a lot to Granville for the contribution!

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12 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]

  1. Code1295

    If this helps, I’m mostly sure the area in Twilight Town with the broken coloums is behind the gate at the old mansion. Either way you can’t reach it!

    1. Apollo

      No that’s the front gate maybe be they redesigned it differently? But i can clearly see the gate in the front of the mansion and the pathway with the trees.

      1. keisui

        no theyre right , thats behind the mansion gate , if you were to walk from the forest to the mansion , then walk through the gate youd be behind it . that being said , it wouldve be extremely cool to go there in the full game

  2. Smouvy

    The article states that Traverse Town would be present in the game but isn’t. This is not entirely true. If you play the mission where you face Guard Armor for the first time in the Colosseum, you’ll see flashes of Sora fighting Guard Armor in a fully modeled area of Traverse Town. So one area of Traverse Town did make its way into the final game.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Thanks a lot for the info Smouvy, i’ll update the description :) between, i noticed that a couple of videos were removed… i’ll try to get them back online

  3. SoSdavis

    I don’t know if this was a bug, but in the ENGLISH version of 358, theres a mission in Wonderland where you save Sora flashbacks again. Oddly enough, it shows possesors in the flashback.
    What’s odd about this is that there were no possesors in KH1, and that you don’t fight anything during that flashback.

  4. zonnic

    some more differences the was a Limit Points bar, but that was replaced with a limit bar what you can use when you hp is low.
    and that area of twilight town with the ruins is the mansions front yard its located just after that gate in front of the mansion, its probably deleted because if you could enter the front yard you also could enter the mansion and that would have been against the story line.

  5. Mariosegafreak

    In image 11 there is LM and MP. Limit and magic? Also, no one’s noticed the different HUD yet?

  6. Andy

    I don’t speak Japanese, but Roxas and Axel do in fact have a conversation in a mission like that one. The only difference that I noticed is the boss, which in the actual final release is the Guardian and not the Guard Armor. Other than that, however, the mission seamed exactly the same.
    I believe that the second mission begins in the courtyard instead of on the bridge, but is the same overall. The boss here is different also. The boss shown in the video is a Darkside. The boss that appears in the final game is the Dark Follower (which is slightly more purpleish).

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