[Update] More screens, info and videos in the archive!

[Update] More screens, info and videos in the archive!


In the last couple of months we have added some screens, videos or info in these Unseen Archives: Action Adventure Project (Retro Studios), Axel Rage (PS2), Deadlands (Xbox – PS2), Dragonkind (Xbox – PS2), Superman 64, Caesar Palace 64, Castlevania Resurrection, D2 (M2), Geist Force (DC), Too Human (PSX), Dread Naughts (XBOX), Elric (PSX), Knights of Decayden (XBOX), Kameo (XBOX), Earthworm Jim 3DMonkey Island, Virtua Fighter (Arcade / Saturn), Secret Of Mana (SNES), Kid Ninja (Xbox/PS2/GC)Resident Evil 4, Full Throttle: Heel on Wheels, Shin Shinobi Den (Saturn), Cyber Speedway (Saturn), Panzer Dragoon (Saturn), Bayonetta (x360/PS3), Poket Monsters 2, Dexter’s Laboratory: Robot Rumble (GC/PS2/XBOX), Powerslide FX (SNES), Duke Nukem Forever, Cannon Fodder 3D (PS2), Bioshock, Austin Power’s Mojo Rally (Dreamcast), Sonic Unleashed, Agartha (Dreamcast), The Reigh of Cats and Dogs (N64), Emergency Mayhem (XBOX/PS2), Gemini (XBOX), The Last Job (XBOX/PS2), Project Katana Red Steel (Wii), Fable 2 (X360), Shining Lore (XBOX), The Executive (PS2), Final Fantasy 10, God of War (PS2), Earthworm Jim (SNES/MD), Metroid Prime, Clay Fighter 63 1/3 (N64), Carnivale (N64)Carnivale (GBC). Thanks a lot to all the contributors!

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