Elric [PSX – Cancelled]

Elric [PSX – Cancelled]

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6 thoughts on “Elric [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. GumbyNeeley

    These are screenshots of “Elric The Necromancer.” It was being developed by Haiku Studios for Psygnosis. It was slated for release in Spring of 1998. It was supposed to be the “bastard child of Diablo and Legacy of Kain.”

  2. Chentzilla

    Found some screenshots and artworks I collected from either Haiku Studio site or one of the developers’ site: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6Z4XWeI8ozwdWlEUjloMXJwQjQ&usp=sharing
    There’s also a manual and game design document (in French), which are basically the same and tell everything about the game.

    It was planned to be released for PSX, DOS and Windows 95. To save his beloved Cymoril Elric would follow a linear progression of levels, including Troos forest, Ashaneloon, Melniboné, each having a mini-boss in the middle and a boss at the end, to fight his evil cousin Yrkoon, or, upon discovering all secret levels, the chaos buffoon Balo.
    Elric would receive Stormbringer at the very end, instead utilizing a plethora of other swords, as well as throwing axes, spears and crossbows, Instead of “combat drugs” the blonde hero would use runes, giving him combat abilities and allowing to summon Arioch, Elenoin she-demons, giant apes and reptiles.
    Two-player cooperative game was also planned, with the second player being Rackir the Red Archer. Alternative team of Yrkoon and Theleb K’Aarna was also mentioned.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Edge Dec’97 has a preview of it.PS1 only at that time.

    Talks of an action based 1 or 2 player adventure game, fully expolarable landscape, characters able to run, jump and climb around isometric 3D world.Spells based on Runes 4 tpes of each, each having 16 grades of power.

    Action being set across 9 worlds, 1st 8 of which accessible from a central hall, in similar fashion to Turok.Dino.Hunter fashion.

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