Sonic Unleashed [X360/PS3 – Beta / Unused Areas]

Sonic Unleashed [X360/PS3 – Beta / Unused Areas]

Thanks to the Sonic Retro and The Sonic Center community, a series of glitch were found in the Xbox 360 & PS3 version of Sonic Uleashed, that let us to go to some unused / beta areas hidden in the game. As we can read in the SR forum: “There’s all kinds of ordinarily inaccessible areas that can be romped around, but the most notable is in Adabat: you can reach the area past the goal ring that’s normally barred off by a solid gate, and within lies an unused device that changes the water level and a tree that can be knocked down to walk across. If you can manage the wallwalking glitch, you can get to it by going through the barred door on the right side of the Adabat ghost mission, after which the ordinary goal ring area isn’t barred.” In the Youtube Channel of DarkspinesSonic and 1stkirbyever we can see a series of video about these unused areas.

Also, Robert Seddon linked us to the japanese Sonic Team blog, in which the Unleashed team posted some interesting images from the development of the game and various concept arts with unused design for the characters.



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