TimeSplitters 4 [Wii – Cancelled]

TimeSplitters 4 [Wii – Cancelled]

TimeSplitters 4 was not only planned for PS3 and Xbox 360 but also for Wii. The game was planned to be a “down-sized” version with several new gameplay elements due to the unique control interface. While most of FRD staff was working on the large PS3 and Xbox 360 version, only a small team was responsible for converting the assets for Wii.

When Free Radical Design filed bankrupty, the project was shelved.


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12 thoughts on “TimeSplitters 4 [Wii – Cancelled]

  1. supermario5000

    nuuuuuuu!!!!! This game is amazing! i did hear that they were planning it on the wii, but that its still not desided. i guess im looking forword for the future to release timesplitters 4.

  2. andrew

    Well, that’s a good thing. This will actually not hinder the releasal date anymroe due to FRd’s demise and crytek doens’t give a S*** about the wii. its even on their site/

  3. Artur (Planetsierron)

    Hey Monokoma,

    TimeSplitters 4 is not cancelled. The WII-Version of TimeSplitters 4 is under an another Studio under Work. The other studio don’t say, that they cancel the game. We have to wait until they say something or show new pictures or trailers. We just have to wait a little.

    mfg Artur (Planetsierron youtube)

  4. Supercollider

    Just give us Timesplitters 2 with “new play controls” and update for online play!
    It’d be a license to print money!

  5. guiness

    I would buy Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect (again) for the wii if it had New Play Controls that would satisfy me right down to the ground. Aint gonna happen though.

  6. Camdawg

    I’d buy Future Perfect again if they took out all the bugs that made the game crash. I never could finish a 1000 point match cause the game would always crash.

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