Kameo [XBOX – Cancelled]

Kameo [XBOX – Cancelled]


Kameo was originally slated for the Nintendo Gamecube and was set to be one of Rare’s flagship titles for the system, along with Star Fox Adventures and Donkey Kong Racing. However, when Microsoft announced its purchase of Rare in late 2002, Kameo’s future was put in question. It was decided that work would continue on the Xbox, and a planned release date of 2003 was given. After several revamps, causing repeated delays, Kameo was put on indefinite hold in late 2004. Following this, rumours began that the game was once again undergoing a platform change, this time from the Xbox to the Xbox 360, where it was finally released as a launch title. – [info from Wikipedia]

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4 thoughts on “Kameo [XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    George Andreas, Rares Creative director said they changed direction slightly to suit new auidance when game jumped from GG to Xbox, Kameo was called an Elf, but was really a Fairy, they just tried to disguise that a vfew times, but it really did’nt work out.It was a game with a Fairy for an auidance that liked shooting+killing things.In hindsight it’d been better to scrap everything and start again, but then they jumped onto 360 and it became a launch title.

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