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Silent Hill 2 Beta Analysis

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Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror developed by Konami’s Team Silent and originally released for the Playstation 2 in 2001. Unfortunately we don’t know much about the development of the game, but in this page we’ll try to analyze some beta screens using all the informations at our disposal.

[Article written by Yota]

Beta Neely Street


Siren: Special Edition [PS2 – Unreleased]

Siren is a survival horror released by Sony for PS2 in 2004. A special edition of the game was supposed to be released on 7th October of the same year, but it was suddenly canceled, probably due to the first version’s poor sales.

The special edition would have featured:

  • An easy mode
  • An new hint system that could be consulted before playing a level
  • An extra mode where a challenge was added in each level, such as playing with invisible or faster enemies, without the sight-jack,  using only the first-person view, time trials which had to be completed without being seen, and so on.
  • Complete profiles of all characters
  • A making-of documentary
  • An interview with the producer
  • A video about the event that was added in the western release.


It seems that Toyama was having fun playing the game as himself . Of course, this polygonal model was not used in the final version. More interestingly, we can see a mysterious text that says “over seventy characters” in the screenshot. It is unlikely that there were going to be so many characters in the game, but we don’t have any official explanation about this writing.

Thanks to sweetiecandypie for the contribution! Russian translation of this article thanks to Sergey Tyutin.



Resident Evil Outbreak [PS2 – Beta]

Even if Capcom had already planned an online version of Resident Evil in 2000, Outbreak (aka Network Biohazard) was officially announced only at E3 2002. This beta version was much more ambitious than the game that we got in the end: originally there were about 20 playable scenarios, some of which were completely removed, notably a Dock stage and The Raccoon City Hotel, while others later appeared in Outbreak File 2, like “Flashback”, the episode located in the forest.

Of course, more levels meant more characters, and unfortunately they had to renounce to include personalities such as little girl with a gun (!), some UBCS members, the fan-favorite Hunk, a policewoman, and on so on. Their polygonal models are still inside the two outbreak games, and it is possible to access them using Gameshark codes.

Another feature prominent in the original trailer was a four player split-screen mode, probably dropped for technical reasons. At the end, Capcom decided to divide Resident Evil Online in two different games: Outbreak and Outbreak File 2. A File 3 was supposed to follow shortly, but Capcom never bothered with the series again.

Here we can also find the videos of the beta versions of the characters endings.

Thanks a lot to daisu1 for some of these images!

Beta Scenarios


The removed dock level.


This removed level was located in the Raccoon City Hotel.


The forest level that later became the “Flashback” scenario in Outbreak File 2.


This is the location of the Raccoon Hospital from Resident Evil 3. We don’t know if it was supposed to be a separate scenario.


This sewer was later included in the “Underbelly” scenario of File “2.

Beta Characters








Four Players Split-screen





Dead Space [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

Dead Space is a third-person survival horror / action game, developed by Visceral Games (formerly known as EA Redwood Shores) for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. As we know the game was started with a Dead Space prototype for the original Xbox, but even the “next gen” version had some slightly differences in its beta build, as the models for the enemies and the main character (especially the armor). Also, the graphic / atmosphere of the game looks different: the final version is gloomier and less bright than some of the beta screens.

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Resident Evil 2 Trial [PSX – Beta]

Resident evil 2 Trial was a demo of Resident Evil 2 included in Resident Evil Director’s Cut. After dropping Resident Evil 1.5, Capcom made a first version of Resident Evil 2, now called Beta 1, that was remarkably different from the released version and with more leftovers from RE 1.5. Unfortunately we don’t know much about this beta, but the trial should document a build between the beta 1 and the less interesting (and leaked) beta 2. In the screenshots and the video in this page we can see some beta items, the unfinished rooms of the RPD station and a few layout changes.


A removed ventilation shaft. It is likely that it was used by Sherry, because there was no hole in the RPD room corridor in the trial.


This screenshot is from the removed last cutscene from the demo. In the final game, we encounter Ada much later. It is likely that at this point of the development the story wasn’t finalized yet,  and the various encounters with the support and the playable characters were different.



A removed reference to a switch that was supposed to open the card lock of the evidence room.

For more informations check our article about Resident Evil 2 Backgrounds

Thanks to Helegad, Pickyeater, KEK8 and Dark Biohazard of the THIA Forum for some of the pics! Thanks to OKei for the “unused voices” video!