Resident Evil Zero [N64 – Cancelled]

Resident Evil Zero [N64 – Cancelled]


Bio Hazard Zero was going to be the first title of the saga of Resident Evil to appear exclusively on the Nintendo 64, after a perfect conversion of the second episode on cartridge (inclusive of all FMV). As the title suggests, the plot was developed on the events that brought the team the first Resident Evil BRAVO Team to disperse  in the famous villa.

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Zero was first unveiled during the Tokyo Game Show in 2000.  It was believed by the developers that the N64’s cartridge-based media would be more capable in handling the item dropping and partner zapping systems proposed for the game than the disc-based media used by the PlayStation and Dreamcast, due to the lack of loading times. However, production of the game shifted from the Nintendo 64 to the GameCube as a result of the transition to sixth generation consoles. Since the GameCube made use of a disc-based media, the programmers were forced to rely on clever programming methods to shorten the loading times. The graphics were improved dramatically due to the platform change.

In contrast to other known Resident Evil prototypes, which have been known to go through massive changes during production, the story and settings remained mostly unchanged in the released version. Rebecca’s original character design featured her wearing a beret instead of the red bandanna she wears in the original game. In the released GameCube version, she uses the same design from the previously released GameCube remake of Resident Evil.

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  1. Mussakku Laden

    a small remark/correction: while RE Zero was publicly playable for the first time at the Tokyo Game Show in March 2000, it was actually officially unveiled a few weeks beforehand. The first previews in western gaming magazines (also containing official screenshots) appeared at least as early as February 2000.

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