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Virus [PSX – Cancelled]

Virus is a cancelled survival horror game that was in development by Sony Interactive Studios America for the original Playstation. Players had to repel an alien virus that invaded a military ship, messing up with human tecnologies, transforming inanimate objects into dangerous enemies (as a big spider-copter hybrid). Virus by SISA should not be confused with Alien Virus, another game that was planned for the PSX by International Computer Entertainment /Vic Tokai (and only released for PC).

Virus was never released for unkown reasons. If you know someone that worked on this game, please let us know!

Here’s the original press-release:

Sony Imagesoft proudly announces the upcoming release of the first computer bug you’ll want to buy, Virus. The PC game version of Virus will debut today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) hel d in Los Angeles.

Based on the coin-op version of the game — which will be released by Betson Entertainment Technologies later this year — Virus is a first-person arcade-style shooter game that takes place on a hi-tech and heavily armed battleship.

“We’re excited to bring Virus to the PC and PlayStation soon after its arcade release,” said Kelly Flock, president, Sony Imagesoft. “As Virus is originally an arcade game, we’re striving to have tons of fast-paced action with some bizar re creatures lurking around every corner; it will definitely be a kill or be killed game.”

The story line of Virus takes place after the ship’s telecommunication system picks up an alien virus which infects not just the crew and the electronics, but the entire vessel. The virus physically fuses and combines everything it infects into flesh an d metal monsters. Apache helicopters grow spidery legs; crewmen meld with their instruments of death; giant wasps grow machine guns; and, the entire ship is turned into a massive living, thinking war-zone with the player trapped inside.

In Virus, the player will have to fight his way through six sections of the ship, confronting a wide variety of grotesque mutants along the way. For added action, Virus will also have a two-player cooperative mode. The PC version of Virus will ship on two CD-ROMs for IBM-compatible computers and is slated for a Christmas release. A Sony PlayStation version is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 1996.

Celine was able to find some images in CD Consoles #8 and Top Consoles #5 magazines.



Sorcery [PSX – Cancelled]

Sorcery is a cancelled fighting game that was in development for the original Playstation in 1997 / 1998 by Sony Interactive Studios America, later renamed to 989 Studios (Sony’s San Diego team). Players would have been able to choose between many fantasy characters that used fighting moves and spells to battle their opponents.

The first concept of Sorcery was much different from the playable prototype, as originally 989 Studios wanted to develop an ambitious multiplayer RPG, with a big overworld, quests and huge cast of characters. Because of the limitations of the PSX hardware and for economic reasons, Sony ordered the team to scale down the project to an arena fighting game (which was seen as more profitable / less risky).

As their own project was killed and because 989 Studios had no experience with fighting games, Sorcery went through various development issues that lead to its final cancellation after 2 years of work.

More info and screens can be found at The Playstation Museum!

The original concept would have worked great in today’s on-line environment. The scope, which started out as a split screen, was to run around a large world, setting magical traps, using magic to detect and find your opponent, then finally tracking him down and combating him, kept getting whittled down further and further until it devolved into a magical arena fighting game, where opponents would stand across from each other in very small (fits on a single screen) arenas and dispatch each other with spells and counter spells.

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