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Batman (SC) [SNES – Cancelled]

In november 2008 Sample_Seller opened an auction on Ebay for a Batman prototype that was in development by Software Creations for the Super Nintendo.

BATMAN super nintendo SAMPLE/DEMO US NTSC version

Very early 2 level demo, no sound… undiscovered batman game!!


Original development sample game direct from Nintendo !!

Rare unreleased/unannounced game !! Only a few were made, unique item for any collector !!

As we can read on Wikipedia, Software Creations were primarily known for their video games based on movie and comic licenses like Marvel Comics, Cutthroat Island, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and original titles Solstice and the sequel Equinox.  Their Batman project was never released for unknown reasons.

As Yakumo as noted, this Batman demo has been on the scene for years, infact since the begining of the Super Magicom, Wildcard, profighter and so on. A rom of the demo was leaked and should be easily findable with google.

You can read more info on this beta at SNES Central!

Thanks to Yakumo and Celine for the contributions!



RS Links: the lost Mortal Kombat court for NBA Jam

Robert Seddon has linked us to the Escapist Magazine, where they talked about a Mortal Kombat themed court that was meant to be used in one of Midway’s NBA Jam / Hangtime home ports. In july 2009, Ed Boone, co-creator of the Mortal Kombat series, revealed a screen of this unused court in his Twitter account. As Boone said:

These images were going to be used in a “hidden MK court” for one of Midway’s NBA Jam/Hangtime home ports. But the NBA said no. :(

Thanks to Robert Seddon for the contribution!