Sony Music Entertainment

Escaper [Playstation – Cancelled]

Escaper is a cancelled action / adventure game that was in development in 1997 by Sony (SME) for the original playstation. Players would have been able to create their own super hero, to resolve puzzles and fight enemies. The game was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 1997 and few screenshots were published in old gaming magazines, but we cant find any more info on the project. It seems that Escaper was never released, but it could also be possible that i was released under a different name, at least in Japan. If you recognize this game, please let us know!

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Laguna Cool [PSX – Not Cancelled]

Update: thanks to Susumu and Matt we found out that this obscure RPG was really published in Japan with the name “Lagnacure” by a company called Artdink. You can find more screens of the released version at Snesorama!

Laguna Cool is a cancelled (?) RPG that was in development by Sony Music Entertainment in 1996/1997 for the original Playstation. The game was available at the Tokyo Game Show 1997 but we dont know if there was any playable demo or it was just a video. A single screenshot of this RPG was found by Celine in PSM magazine #3. There are pratically no info on the project, at least with the Laguna Cool title: could this game have been released with another name in Japan? If you recognize this screen, please let us know!

Thanks to Celine for the scan!