Nuclear Rush [Sega VR – Unreleased]

Nuclear Rush is an unreleased shooter that was in development in 1993 for the Sega VR, the canned “virtual reality” accessory planned for the Mega Drive / Genesis. Four games were apparently developed for the system, each using 16 Mb cartridges that were to be bundled with the headset. One of these was Nuclear Rush, in which the players were able to fly with an hovercraft to fight in a futuristic war.

Thanks to Sega Forever we can read the original Sega VR press release that was published in Sega Visions magazine, August/September 1993:

From the moment you strap on the headset, you know that your gaming life will never be the same again. The world you see through the twin eye-pieces of the virtual reality (VR) headset responds as if it were another world, one you can explore by moving around without leaving your chair. […]

You are playing Nuclear Rush, the game that will be bundled with Sega VR, Sega’s new virtual reality headset. […]

Welcome to the year 2032. Get ready for a cataclysmic trek into a post-nuclear gold rush, where low-level nuclear waste is bartered as an energy source. You are posing as a nuclear pirate, piloting a hovercraft through radioactive wastelands guarded by heavily armed robots and drones.

As Iron Hammer, it’s possible that Nuclear Rush was playable even without the VR accessory. From an interview with Kevin McGrath at Sega 1 6, it seems that Nuclear Rush was completed before the Sega VR was cancelled:

My first project, called Nuclear Rush was to design and code one of the games that was going to be released with the SEGA VR Headset. It was a simple 3D shoot-em-up kind of game, but with the VR Headset it became an intriguing experience. We had concerns about creating nausea for the player, which could happen if the graphics are just slightly out of sync with the actual movement of the players head. Anyway, I spent a year on this project, and although SEGA paid us in full and we completed everything, the hardware never made it past prototype stage.

Thanks to Celine for the scan! (found in GamePower #21). You can also see Nuclear Rush in motion from the video below (thanks to  Grooveraider YT channel!).





Aftershock [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Aftershock is a cancelled shoot ’em up that was in development by Sega Midwest for the 32X. A short video (just a couple of seconds) of the game was seen in the episode #70 of the ROX TV Show, when they visited the SM studio. As we can read from a GDRI interview with Jim Reichert, former Sega Midwest designer, the project was canned because of economic problems:

JR: Aftershock got beyond the proof of concept stage, and we were developing the game when I left. I remember that Aftershock got rave reviews as a product pitch at SOA, but by that time, Sega Midwest had pissed away so much money (with little ROI [return on investment]) that nobody trusted them with SOA cash — and Sega itself was totally floundering (32X?!?). It was too bad because that game actually had some legs, and the whole studio was excited about it — and I was the lead designer. I still have all the videos and game assets associated with it — I even have a cartridge with the prototype on it. We had a professional cartooner design all the characters for the game, and the images were completely awesome.


JR: Essentially, it was Jungle Strike set in a post-apocalyptic world where you could fly, drive, and cycle around.


Heavy Machinery [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Heavy Machinery is a cancelled racing / car combat game that was in development by Scavenger for the Sega 32X. The project started as a game called Nitro Wreaks, that was meant to be published for the Mega Drive / Genesis, but after some time the team decided to move it to the 32X. As we can read at the 32X Memorial Site:

According to a magazine preview of a nearly complete test version, the game was to consist of nine missions through many types of locales, weather, and road conditions. Enemy vehicles would attack you and attempt to block your path, while helicopters and planes fired on you from above. Your mission was to destroy as many enemies as possible with your weaponry, as well as make it to the next checkpoint within the required time. Hazards and power-ups littered your path, creating an obstacle course that was said to really effect the gameplay.

Even if it was almost finished, Heavy Machinery was never released, probably because of the failure of the 32X add-on.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Monster Hunter [MD/G – Cancelled]

The Menacer is a wireless lightgun created by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis in 1992, as a response to the Super Scope by Nintendo. Sega and third-party developers did not develop many games for the Menacer and one of these projects, know as “Monster Hunter”, was cancelled before being finished.

In Monster Hunter the story involves the player as a premier big game hunter, in search of the ultimate catch. The scenarios range from safari lands to exotic ranges not from our world

There are not many info or media remained for this game, but Celine was able to find a screenshot of MH in EGM #51.



Road Riot 4WD [MD/G – Cancelled]

A Genesis / Mega Drive version of Road Riot 4WD was in development at Tengen in 1993, but it was later cancelled. The game is an arcade racing game somehow similar to Mario Kart. A SNES (1992) and an Arcade (1991) versions do exist, but while the SNES version doesnt look that good, the Genesis one seems to have been graphically more similar to the Arcade game. It’s currently unknown if the canned game would have had new tracks. Some images were found in Joypad magazine #7, EGM # 40 and # 41!

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!