ResQ [MD/G – Cancelled]

ResQ [MD/G – Cancelled]

ResQ is a cancelled 2D shooter / action game that was in development by Tempest Software for the Genesis / Mega Drive. The project was almost finished when the publisher, Psygnosis, decided to pulled it out: even if ResQ was never officially released, a rom of the game was leaked online and can be easily found through Google.

The look and feel of the game seem taken from an Amiga project, probably because the team was inspired by the Bitmap Brothers graphic style back then. Other inspirations were games such as R-Type (for the ship) C64 version of Turrican, Super Ghosts and Goblins (for the centurion) Starwing/Starfox (for the 3D bonus game).

As a former graphic designer of Tempest Software wrote:

The Game was programmed on 486 PC’s by Bill Pullan and Pete, while  Jason used Deluxe Paint II and III on an Amiga 1200 with RAM upgrade for Graphics and Animation. Bill actually worked on an Amiga title before RESQ, “Bill’s Tomato Game“.

Thanks to Jason and Celine for the contributions!



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2 thoughts on “ResQ [MD/G – Cancelled]

  1. Nichole

    This is really a fun logic puzzle game, the later levels are too difficult without cheating though. I seriously doubt the game would have sold well on MD if it had of been released, it seems to me it would have been better suited to Micros.

    The 3D flying sections in ResQ are interesting in that they look technically similar to Bill Pullan’s earlier Amiga game Aquaventura

  2. Ross Sillifant

    You can ‘understand’ why publisher canned this.The market had changed drastically-PS1 was THE big thing and the nature of this game does indeed far better suit the ST/Amiga market, more than that of the MD.Given the sheer cost of putting game out on cartridge, they simply could’nt afford to take a ‘#release and pray it does ok’ type attitude.Sometimes you have to write off 18 months development time, X thousands of pounds spent on it, espically when your seeing a drastic change in the market place.

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