Heavy Machinery [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Heavy Machinery [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

Heavy Machinery is a cancelled racing / car combat game that was in development by Scavenger for the Sega 32X. The project started as a game called Nitro Wreaks, that was meant to be published for the Mega Drive / Genesis, but after some time the team decided to move it to the 32X. As we can read at the 32X Memorial Site:

According to a magazine preview of a nearly complete test version, the game was to consist of nine missions through many types of locales, weather, and road conditions. Enemy vehicles would attack you and attempt to block your path, while helicopters and planes fired on you from above. Your mission was to destroy as many enemies as possible with your weaponry, as well as make it to the next checkpoint within the required time. Hazards and power-ups littered your path, creating an obstacle course that was said to really effect the gameplay.

Even if it was almost finished, Heavy Machinery was never released, probably because of the failure of the 32X add-on.

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6 thoughts on “Heavy Machinery [Sega 32X – Cancelled]

  1. scavenger team member

    The screen shots above mix someone else’s game with Scavenger’s game.

    Scavenger’s game was called “Nitrowrecks” and it was a Sega Genesis game. It was not for 32x. It really pushed the Genesis to the limits but it was not released because the Genesis was dying.

    Scavenger never made anything called Heavy Machinery. That box cover and at least one image above have nothing to do with Scavenger.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Sadly false screenshots and development team quotes are part and parcel of the games press industry and have made a lot of extra work for those of us looking into lost games..

    And the reason we never take any claim at face value, merely the starting point of research.

    However ..For credibility anyone claiming to of worked on a game or as part of a publisher behind a game, for this site’s neutrality and credibility, you need to state your name and position at that company.

    We have already had bogus claims over Croc III and Lomax In Lemmings land. ..

    We are seeing industry figures use interviews etc to give a biased version of events as to why games were canned. .

    Poor marketing by…A to Z is often blamed, when the truth is as simple as the games themselves weren’t great or were heavily bugged..

    Can the mystery Scavenger person please make him or herself known to Luca so these claims can be validated.

    Thank you.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    HEAVY MACHINERY on 32X was supposed to of been running at E3 1995…

    Claims of the mountain-side track looking very much like VRacing, but with more
    “rounded” polygons and a solid frame rate.

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