Wreck’n Krew [XBOX / GC / PS2 – Cancelled]

Wreck’n Krew was an action game that was in development at DarkBlack for the GameCube, Playstation 2 and XBOX. As we can read from the original press release the game was a highly explosive arcade blast fest, that mixed Blast Corps, Power Stone and Bomber Man. The player would had take the role of a team of demolition experts hired to take on dangerous and dirty jobs, to destroy everything in the level but have to complete certain mission-based tasks within a time limit in order to unlock hidden areas, special characters, and the next location waiting to be ripped apart.

It seems that the developers had to closed down, maybe because they did not find a publisher interested in their projects (this game and Asylum) and so Wreck’n Krew was cancelled. (And no, i dont know why one of the characters looks like Gary Coleman.)


RS Links: removed C&C Generals level released after 6 years


Robert Seddon linked us to this article on Kotaku, in which they talk about a removed level from Command & Conquer Generals, a RTS game that was released in 2003.

Called “Black Sheep”, the mission tasks you with driving one of the Global Liberation Army (ie the terrorist faction) chemical weapons vehicles around a “town that had been corrupted beyond salvation by the USA’s propaganda”.

Coming at the height of the WAR ON TERROR, EA decided back in 2003 that such a mission may have been a little much, and cut it from the game when it shipped.

In march 2009 the developers decided that it was time to let it go, and the removed Black Sheep level was finally released as a download from the official C&C website! As we can read from there:

In celebration of the sixth anniversary of the award-winning real-time strategy classic Command & Conquer Generals, we are releasing an exclusive gift to Command & Conquer fans — the lost mission of Command & Conquer Generals. The never-before-seen and controversial Global Liberation Army mission was not included in the game’s original 2003 release and has been hidden and securely stored away in a secret location at our EA Los Angeles development studio until today. Command & Conquer, download the mission Black Sheep for free and unleash their inner General.

Black Sheep was originally slated to be the third mission in the Global Liberation Army campaign where players were given command of the Toxin Tractor, a slow-going farm vehicle modified to spray a deadly corrosive agent, and ordered to eliminate the town that had been corrupted beyond salvation by the USA’s propaganda. While the mission was ultimately removed from Generals, the Toxin Tractor was available in other campaign missions, as well as in multiplayer and skirmish modes.

Huge props to EA! 

[Projects] The Zelda 64 Castle Town in the Beta Restoration!

Here’s another nice update from our friends at Team Beta Triforce, about the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project. Do you remember the original version of the Castle Town, as we have seen it in these famous beta screens?

Well, you will be able to play in there in the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration public demo that is scheduled for release this year! In the meantime, check the video below to have a look at the beta Castle Town, resurrected in its full glory! Keep in mind that this is still an early preview demo of the mod:

For more updates and feedbacks on the Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration Project, check the main article in here.

Update:  ZM90 from the Team Beta Triforce has let us know that The demo castle town will be playable in the public demo that is scheduled for release this year! Also the release date of the “final version” of the OoTBRP has been pushed back to at least 2012: the reason it has to be pushed back is because they need to make the other areas much bigger like they did with the town. Hyrule Field in the OoTBRP will be roughly the size of the one in TP. Also, there are new inside areas to make and a ton of new NPCs to create. Keep up the good work guys! 

Kartoon Kombat [MD/G – Cancelled]

Do you remember that damaged ROM of a cancelled genesis game that was found by Mr. Mark? It was Kartoon Kombat, an arcade fighting game developed by American Technos, that was planned for the Sega Genesis, something like a parody of Mortal Kombat with cartoon characters.  Sadly, as the ROM is broken we’ll probably never be able to play the game, but thanks to Rod_Wod from the Assembler Forum, we can at least take a look at a screenshot from it, as he found an image in an old magazine!