Wreck’n Krew [XBOX / GC / PS2 – Cancelled]

Wreck’n Krew was an action game that was in development at DarkBlack for the GameCube, Playstation 2 and XBOX. As we can read from the original press release the game was a highly explosive arcade blast fest, that mixed Blast Corps, Power Stone and Bomber Man. The player would had take the role of a team of demolition experts hired to take on dangerous and dirty jobs, to destroy everything in the level but have to complete certain mission-based tasks within a time limit in order to unlock hidden areas, special characters, and the next location waiting to be ripped apart.

It seems that the developers had to closed down, maybe because they did not find a publisher interested in their projects (this game and Asylum) and so Wreck’n Krew was cancelled. (And no, i dont know why one of the characters looks like Gary Coleman.)