Asylum / Darkblack [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Asylum / Darkblack [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

ASYLUM (also know as Darkblack) is cancelled FPS horror title, in which the player would had take on the role of a contestant in a TV game show that slowly degenerates into a macabre nightmare.

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One thought on “Asylum / Darkblack [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. I Wasn't Here Though

    Actually, it wasn’t known as Darkblack.

    Apparently, that was the development team’s name.

    Darkblack was actually suppose to be its own game.

    I found some info about the game “Dark Black”

    Game Synopsis

    DARKBLACK is a highly atmospheric, first person horror adventure, set on a near future earth that has become the host for a parasitic entity.

    Plot driven and set firmly in the styling of the horror movie genre the player will find himself stranded in familiar environments that have become eerily distorted since the catastrophe.
    Mother Nature has abandoned her planet, leaving it to become the hunting grounds of carnivorous, alien creatures that have made their home in the shadows.
    Completing the game requires the player to use intelligent thinking rather than simply relying on shooting everything in sight. In most areas of the game equipment will be sparse so he must us brains rather than brawn to overcome the tasks ahead.
    With the ability to view his progress at a later date by directing and editing the in game cinematic cameras, the player is able to change his game experience into his own horror movie which he can save and play back at his leisure.

    Filled with a cast of characters to interact with, vicious creatures to contend with and puzzles to solve, he must follow the clues that will help him find any survivors, the origins of the alien threat, and the truth behind his own identity.

    Game Features

    · DARKBLACK will employ all the tricks and techniques of horror cinema. By using varied lenses and zoom techniques to create wildly distorted camera views, and eerie sound effects to heighten fear and apprehension we will immerse the player in a chilling game experience.

    · The player will be able to edit the action recorded by the in game cinematic cameras and play back his progress in the form of a movie at a later date.

    · Unlike its contemporaries (Resident Evil, Silent Hill) DARKBLACK favours the “first person” point of view. Whilst a “third person” perspective works well in those titles we feel that first person will give the player a deeper immersion in the game atmosphere we are generating.

    · DARKBLACK will boast highly detailed, deformable environments that are affected by exterior forces and explosions.

    · DARKBLACK will have a real time light and shadow system to enhance the atmosphere within the game world.

    · There will be dozens of creature species with their own behavioural and attack patterns. A huge array of believable cast members to interact with.

    · We will be taking full advantage of the 5.1 digital sound, allowing us to use positional effects that will create an eerie soundscape in which we can scare and shock the player. This in turn will create total, realistic sound immersion for him.

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