100 Bullets (by Acclaim) [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

100 Bullets (by Acclaim) [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Acclaim announced plans to release a video game based on 100 Bullets. However, following the collapse of Acclaim’s publishing house, the game has essentially been cancelled. It was intended that the player would be either Cole Burns or Snow Falls (a completely original character) and play in a third person view. The plot was generally unknown, aside from a supposition that it followed the plot of the comic book.

Later D3Publishing obtained the rights from Warner Bros. to publish a 100 Bullets game. They intend to make a video game completely independent from Acclaim’s aborted vision, but still heavily reliant on input and plotting from Brian Azzarello. Not much it currently know about the D3 version and it could have been cancelled too. [Infos from Wikipedia]



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4 thoughts on “100 Bullets (by Acclaim) [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. unvaluablespace

    Can’t remember what magazine I saw for this game (maybe Official Playstation Magazine?) but I believe it showcased at least a couple of pages of info and screenshots. I remember though it made fun of the main character for looking alot like Keanu Reeves. Matter of fact, from what I recall the character did look alot more like Reeves than in the shots I see posted here. I believe I remembered it also giving the games plot, but it could have been just the version based on the comic book.

  2. Jonathan Sutyak

    I’ve got some box art for this game if you’re interested. I think the media kit I have is probably the last one Acclaim gave out as none of the four games on the disc were released by Acclaim. This is the only game another publisher didn’t pick up, though the Xbox version of The Red Star never released and there is box art for that too and a bunch of work in progress screenshots.

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