Action RPG

Engalus [PC – Cancelled]

Crytek was founded by the Yerli brothers in 1999 in Coburg, Germany. Its history starts with the ECTS 2000, where  Crytek impressed all the big publishers with their tech demos at the NVIDIA booth. [Infos from Wikipedia] In the same year Crytek announced that one of these tech demos was going to became a “full” game: Engalus, that was created with the original CryEngine 3D.

This project was meant to be a sci-fi action RPG but something went wrong and it was never released. The first released game from Crytek was Far Cry in 2004, so we can speculate that even if their CryEngine was good, they never found a publisher interested in Engalus.

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Fallen Kingdoms [XBOX/PC – Cancelled]

Fallen Kingdoms is a cancelled western RPG that was in development in 2004  / 2005 by Warthog Games for PC and the original XBOX. The gameplay would have probably been something like Baldur’s Gate, with real time combat and various quests to complete. The scenario was interactive and the player was able to burn down trees and other conbustible materials with fire magic or to froze water with ice magic. The project was never released as Warthog Games was bought by Tiger Telematics in 2004 to develop exclusively for Gizmondo system.  In 2006 Tiger Telematics went bankrupt putting an end to the studio existence.

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Gimmick Land [GBC – Unreleased]

After AlphaDream (the team behind the Mario & Luigi RPGs) developed and released their very first video game title, Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito for the Nintendo Game Boy Color only in Japan, Nintendo wanted AlphaDream’s permission to develop an entirely new RPG with them, titled Gimmick Land. It was finished and almost ready to be released for the Game Boy Color in Japan, until Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance to make the Game Boy Color obsolete. After noticing that, AlphaDream decided to redevelop and rename Gimmick Land as Tomato Adventure for the Game Boy Advance. Only two screenshots of Gimmick Land were released to the public by the developers. [Info from Wikipedia]

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Ascendant (Dungeons) [PS3/X360/PC – Beta]

As reported before, Big Huge Games was working on a new, THQ-published RPG for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. When THQ was hit by financial troubles, Big Huge Games was sold to 38 Studios where it seems that they still work on Ken Rolston’s new “masterpiece”. It’s currently unknown if this game will ever be released. 

Fallout 3 [X360/PS3/PC – Beta & Unused Stuff]

Fallout 3 is a action RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios in 2008, for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. As we can read on Wikipedia, the F3 project was initially under development by Black Isle Studios, a studio owned by Interplay Entertainment, under the working title Fallout 3: Van Buren.

When Interplay went bankrupt and closed down Black Isle Studios before the game could be completed, the license to develop Fallout 3 was sold for a $1,175,000 minimum guaranteed advance against royalties to Bethesda Softworks, a studio primarily known for the The Elder Scrolls series.

Bethesda’s Fallout 3 however, was developed from scratch, using neither Van Buren code, nor any other materials created by Black Isle Studios.

In the released game there are still many unused items, weapons and perks, while in some early videos we can notice various beta locations and characters. You can find the full list of unused items at Fallout Wikia!

The following YouTube videos show cut content and development content from when fallout 3 and its DLC was in development. Very interesting stuff; almost all of the cut content can be accessed on the PC version and the beta tesla cannon can be found in the broken steel DLC and used on all ports of fallout 3 too.

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