Desert Island 64 [N64 – Cancelled]

Desert Island 64 [N64 – Cancelled]

Desert Island 64 (AKA Super Real Island) is an interesting simulation rpg, that was first announced by Imagineer at the Shoshinkai 1996 for Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, but soon cancelled by the developers, perhaps because of the failure of the 64DD. The concept of the game was similar to Survival Kids for the GBC, Lost in Blue for the DS or the Lost TV series, players had to survive in a desert island. According to the few info released, Desert Island 64 was going to be a really complex game, in which to observe and interact with the evolution chain of the island, from plants to the rich fauna. The main gameplay was supposed to be a mix of platform, survival, and life simulation, and we had to cultivate the land and raise animals in order to create a new civilization. Of course, the game would have used all the features of the 64DD. The only screenshots available shows an early proto with almost no scenario. The main character and the animals have a very strange design and we can only speculate that the events were going to be really odd. Unfortunately, the game was never completed. Some rumors even suggested a Dreamcast release, but Desert Island 64 was destined to never see the light of day.

English translation by yota

Concept arts from Nintendo Fun Vision News issue 8, another scan from Nintendo Fun Vision 7+8, both from 1998. Thanks to Mario for the contribution!


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3 thoughts on “Desert Island 64 [N64 – Cancelled]

  1. Triforce64

    Sad Nintendo couldn’t get it together to make these canceled games. Ever since I learned about the 64DD I’ve been bitter about Nintendo for being stupid. :P

  2. Celine

    Actually it was first announced at the Shoshinkai 96 as Super Real Island, I believe.
    Planned release May 97 :-|

    1. monokoma Post author

      I updated the date, thansk Celine :)
      uff, this is one of my favourite N64 Unseen games, i’d love to see more screens / videos :(

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