Ryse (Kingdoms) [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

Ryse: Son of Rome is an action adventure game, which was developed by Crytek and published by Microsoft Studios in late 2013 on the Xbox One at the console’s launch. However, it was originally planned to be a first person brawler exclusively for the Xbox 360 under another title. This great turn in direction is just one of the numerous twists that occurred throughout its development.

Kings & Kingdoms

Years before the name ‘Ryse’ would come to be, the basis of the project was born in 2006. It was the brainchild of Crytek Co-Founder, Cevat Yerli, and was imagined then not as one game, but two. One half of the coin was a title called “Kings” – an ambitious MMO where the player joins the ranks of various factions to fight for supremacy in a mythical world of monsters and sorcerers. The other was Kingdoms, a smaller scale first person game focussed around more intimate ground combat between soldiers of warring sides. At this time, no platform was attached to it.

The initial plan for these two games was that they would have been set in the same fantasy-themed universe, informing one another as development went on. Crytek put together a variety of concept art and basic prototypes for them, attempting to flesh out their ideas and convey their ideas more thoroughly as the company began showing them privately to publishers.

Behind the scenes, the world of Kings & Kingdoms was steadily coming together and over the years that the developer toiled away on it, a multitude of concepts for everything from characters to settings was produced. Fortunately, we have been able to preserve a good amount of these for your curiosity. 

Redemption: Project Jelena (Crytek) [Cancelled – PC]

Redemption, AKA Project Jelena is a cancelled action game that was in development by Crytek in 2008, probably for PC. There are not many info about this game or why they decided to stop the development, but we know that the Forest map featured in one of CryEngine 3′s SDK is an area from this unreleased title. Jelena should have been the girl with a scarf that we can see in some other CryEngine 3 tech demos and also in some concept arts that you can see in the gallery below, archived to preserve the existence of this lost project.

As we can read at DSOGaming:

Our guess is that the player would control the male character and would have to protect and escort the girl to safety. In one particular concept art, we can see the main characters hiding from a bunch of people (suggesting that the game would feature survival elements), while on another we can see a destroyed car with two characters searching for survivors.

CryENGINE 3 was later released on October 2009 and now Crytek are working on Crysis 3, Ryse, Warface and  Homefront 2, but maybe in the future Redemption / Project Jelena could be resurrected.

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Silent Space [XBOX/PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Silent Space (a.k.a. Space Force / Space Wars) is a cancelled Sci-fi RTS that was in development in 2001 by Crytek, originally created as a prototype for PC, but later planned for Xbox and Playstation 2 too.  This project was in the works along with Engalus (a cancelled FPS) and X-Isle (which evolved in Far Cry) in the early days of Crytek.  When the game was announced, Faruk Yerli (president of the studio) told to GameSpot that:

Currently we are in negotiation with some publishers. We know that the game would be fantastic, but you surely know that without funding no game could be finished. We believe that Silent Space could break the limits of other space games, and we will soon announce the future of all of our projects.

It seems that they never found a publisher interested in Silent Space, and the project was soon canned.


Engalus [PC – Cancelled]

Crytek was founded by the Yerli brothers in 1999 in Coburg, Germany. Its history starts with the ECTS 2000, where  Crytek impressed all the big publishers with their tech demos at the NVIDIA booth. [Infos from Wikipedia] In the same year Crytek announced that one of these tech demos was going to became a “full” game: Engalus, that was created with the original CryEngine 3D.

This project was meant to be a sci-fi action RPG but something went wrong and it was never released. The first released game from Crytek was Far Cry in 2004, so we can speculate that even if their CryEngine was good, they never found a publisher interested in Engalus.

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Far Cry (X-Isle) [PC – Alpha & Tech Demo]

Far Cry is a FPS developed by Crytek Studios from Germany and published by Ubisoft in 2004 for Microsoft Windows. The codename of the project was “X-Isle”, a tech demo with dinosaurs on a jungle island. Crytek history starts with the ECTS 2000. It was there that they impressed all the big publishers with their tech demos at the NVIDIA booth. They continued releasing various tech demos over the years and the X-Isle one evolved into Far Cry.

From the original X-Isle: Dinosaur Island the plot of the game was changed many times before the final one, and once there were aliens too. As we can read from an old Gamespot preview:

In the game, players will be pitted against an ancient alien life-form closely related to the dinosaurs. The aliens have re-created a colony of dinosaurs in an attempt to take back control of the globe. The player must overcome the advanced alien technology in addition to the brute strength and power of the dinosaurs in order to succeed.

In the pre-alpha version of the game, there were some differences as noticed by Slayermaggot81:

  • Different Hud/Health Bar
  • Different and unfinished levels (low textures)
  • More sunny lightning and clear transparent water (ain’t blue-ish like in the final game)
  • Enemies does look different than in the final game
  • Effects like explosions, smoke and blood were looking different

A Far Cry demo from E3 2002 was found and preserved online, you can read more on the “BRP: Beta Restoration Project” ModDB page!

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