Silent Space [XBOX/PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Silent Space [XBOX/PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Silent Space (a.k.a. Space Force / Space Wars) is a cancelled Sci-fi RTS that was in development in 2001 by Crytek, originally created as a prototype for PC, but later planned for Xbox and Playstation 2 too.  This project was in the works along with Engalus (a cancelled FPS) and X-Isle (which evolved in Far Cry) in the early days of Crytek.  When the game was announced, Faruk Yerli (president of the studio) told to GameSpot that:

Currently we are in negotiation with some publishers. We know that the game would be fantastic, but you surely know that without funding no game could be finished. We believe that Silent Space could break the limits of other space games, and we will soon announce the future of all of our projects.

It seems that they never found a publisher interested in Silent Space, and the project was soon canned.


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9 thoughts on “Silent Space [XBOX/PS2/PC – Cancelled]

  1. huggiesunrise

    It was a cool game, one of the few games made by a development team from around the globe. I was primarily a mission designer/programmer but there were a lot of jobs we all contributed on.

    It was a nice close team. Also had one of the most talented modelers under the age of 18 Id ever known.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Thanks for sharing your memories Huggiesunrise! It’s really appreciated :) Do you know if there could still be some videos from Silent Space saved somewhere out there?

    2. titusballs

      Is that you Wingnut?

      I was also a mission designer/programmer on this game after Cevat got in touch with me when I was doing FreeSpace 2 missions and asked me to come on board.

      Like huggie says, there is nothing left of this game sadly – but out of it 4 of us went on to create our own studio and worked on a FPS ( which also sadly nothing except a few screenshots exist.

  2. huggiesunrise

    unfortunately even Cevat and well the rest of the yerli brothers dont have any of the old files anymore trust me i tried to make something of this project but alot of it was indeed scrapped for the project that got the attention and funding.. Far Cry.

    We had demo videos for publishers but the game was so small then we could have let them play and demonstrate the parts we had done.

    No hard feelings though the experiences with this team pushed me to develop my own skills in all forms of artistic development and I mostly work on old game mod projects now in my spare time.

  3. shade

    Heh, I actually still have a build of this from when I worked on it over 20 years ago in my late teens and early twenties. Just tried it out and it does still run.

    It was made with Visual C++ 5.0 and DirectX 7. The game never got anywhere close to being finished. We had cool (for the time) graphical effects, some tools to do particle effects, set up the levels, define some basic triggers which should have made the game play. But not a single full level was ever created. The physics and AI were almost non-existent.

    Like “titusballs” mentioned, some of us then went on to working on Lost Legion (of which I also have a working build lying around).

    Still, I’m sad that Silent Space never got to be completed. It could have been cool.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Thanks a lot for your message Shade! Could it be possible to record some videos from Silent Space and Lost Legion? it would be great to see them in motion!

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