SimCopter 64 [N64DD – Cancelled]

SimCopter 64 [N64DD – Cancelled]

SimCopter 64 is a cancelled Nintendo 64DD remake of the original SimCopter developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts for PC in 1996. It’s unclear if this version for the 64DD was going to have some substantial differences from the PC one, as happened with SimCity 64. As we can read on IGN, SimCopter 64 was officially canned in 1999:

Sim Copter 64 was even previewed at a very early stage at the Tokyo Game Show. Onlookers were not impressed with its foggy, first-generation graphics and the game’s US release was soon cancelled in favor of a Japan-only release for the disk drive system.

Since then, Nintendo has again delayed the debut of the 64DD to later this year and Maxis, apparently losing faith in the viability of the title on the DD, has abandoned the project completely.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! (Scans from Console Plus #79, Mega Console #44, Consolemania #77)


Video (Nintendo 64):

For comparison, a video from the PC version:

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3 thoughts on “SimCopter 64 [N64DD – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma Post author

      Thanks Radorn, i read that info on Wikipedia too, but if i remember correctly, it was proven false by who played Sim City 64. If someone could have a video confirmation, it would be nice! In the end, Sim City 64 was developed by HAL Laboratory, while Sim Copter 64 was developed by Maxis, so we can assume that they remained 2 separate projects :)

  1. Anonymous

    Simcity 64 integrated a concept similar to Simcity 4’s U-Drive-It missions, which involved a helicopter. Interestingly, it also pioneered 3D in Simcity, which Simcity 4 later adopted.

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