Quest 64 II (2) [N64 – Cancelled]

Quest 64 II (2) [N64 – Cancelled]

Quest 2 is the unreleased sequel of one of the few Nintendo 64 RPGs, that was in development at Imagineer in 1998 / 1999. The game was going to be set 100 years after the original Quest 64 and this time the player would have been able to choose between 2 different characters: Leohn, a magician, and Sophia, a swordswoman. Both characters would also had a sidekick known as “the Guardian” to use it as a vehicle or to help in battle (we can speculate that it was going to be something like a Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series). Sadly Imagineer went into financial troubles and they had to cancel Quest 2 and another project that they had in the works for the 64DD,  Desert Island 64. Only a few artworks remains from this game.


Thanks to Pantalytron we have a translation of the Nintendo Fun Vision article:

SOME LINES OF TEXT ARE MISSING FROM THE JPEG, marked with […]. Guess it can’t be that much, maybe one or two lines of each stanza.
This translation tries to be as literal as possible, so some formulations are clumsy – but I can tell you that the German original text isn’t that skillful in telling the story in a pseudo-medieval style to begin with. Translated on 10.01.2017
Swift Follow-up
Imagineer is already working on Holy Magic Century 2
IMAGINEER. Holy Magic Century isn’t out yet in Germany and already there is information about the follow-up! Imagineer bets on a big success of the first part of its role playing game – and it can’t be bad to start the development of the follow-up! In our newsletter you exclusively find out about the story of (and interesting details about) Holy Magic Century 2. [It is] likely that you can put this game in 1999 on your Christmas wish list.
Everything goes back to the grim and distant past, when people depended on the mercy of nature and forces of nature and wild animals still were impregnable foes. But […] were responsible and learned to benefit from the goods of nature. Many centuries live went by this way. Then appeared creatures that were able to control the magic powers of nature. The greatest and most important of these “spirit slayers” was Brian.

The story begins one hundred years after the legendary Brian has lived… spirits only exist in uncharted forests, on secluded lakes, atop high mountains or in desolate deserts. The legends of spirit slayers that ignated torches or made it rain with their magic spells are considered as fairy tales. In a big kingdom in the west of the island Celtland reigned a ruler called Tibelius who was very popular amongst his subjects. But after his death the realm was threatened to be overrun by barbarians – if there had not been Julius, who knew how to prevent that.
The people thanked him by crowning him as their ruler and transferred the reign over the realm. But the celebrated hero turned into a tyrant, let people be incarcerated who opposed obeying him and even did not shy away from murder. After a while the despot began to build the “black temple“. The people suffered but had no other choice than obey Julius. That is the situation in which the two heroes of the story, Leohn and Sophia, grow up!

Leohn is a ten year old boy who lives with his stepfather on the island Lodeal. The islanders consider him as a bit strange, but he is popular [nonetheless] because of his innocence and his good nature. One day his stepfather Shmeon disappears who belongt to the spirit slayers. According to a legend the boy, who has the ability to speak with spirits, departs on a quest for an almighty spirit. He finds Brian and receives […] Julius receives information about […]-abilites and he commands to bring the boy and other spirit slayers to him by ship.
Upon exactly this ship Leohn meets Sophia, a twelve-year old girl. Her big, magical-appearing talent in wielding the sword lead her to be in Julius’s services; her stepfather Patricius, too, works as a custodian of the city Larwena for the king. In [her] fight with an hermit who incites the people she comes in contact with Brian and receives magical powers from him; the girl receives the ordert to go on board of the ship where Leohn is.

The adventure begins when the ship overturns in a storm. The two heroes are separated, but their goal will be the same soon [after]: To stop Julius! The city prospers by the power of the captured spirit slayers, but in the countryside the people suffer more than ever. In the black temple Leohn and Sophia meet […] So much for the [story] of the role playing game which will be designed for one play and shall offer fun for at least thirty hours. The first part already gets praised for it’s graphic, [but] the follow-up shall be even better. Furthermore [is it planned] in the second part to choose between two characters, namely Leohn and Sophia. Each of the two has his own abilities, of course – but not exactly in the “classical” [way of] type casting!
Leohn uses mainly his magical power to reach his goals. Tactical considerations are more his deal than physical fight, magic spells are more his weapon than swords. Things are different considering Sophia: She is a duel ace and does not shy away from confrontations. With her enormous power she can knock out multiple enemies in one blow.

Both heroes have a patron who follows them through the whole world of the game. He guides them, gives them advice when they enter battle and (from a certain point in the game on) he can carry the hero on his back! Money will play an important role: Who slays monsters can collect their belongings and fill his purse. That way, nothing stands in the way of a bulk purchase.
The world of the game was inspired by the Byzantine empire of the early middle ages, it is residing around the Mediterran Sea and the Aegean, Greece, Turkey, Rome and Egypt up to North Europe. The clothing of the citizens comes from another peroid of time; it approximately matches the style of the eleventh to 14th century.

Well, did you become curious? Then play the first part at first and keep Holy Magic Century 2 in mind for the long winterdays of […]

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! Thanks to Mario for Nintendo Fun Vision News scans (issue 8 1998)!


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21 thoughts on “Quest 64 II (2) [N64 – Cancelled]

  1. MarxForever

    Shame… It sounded real promising.
    I couldn’t beat the first one.
    Way too linear… Plus like almost every other 3rd party 64 game it just looked awful…

  2. GRKG

    I don’t see how this would have looked more promising than the original Quest 64 and that was awful unless you have mostly been starved for RPGs.

  3. Myron Mason

    I agree that Quest 64 was not the best RPG game for the 64, but it was still good in my opinion. Too bad they did not make the sequel.

  4. Alex Sasse

    WOW!quest 64 was and still is overly bashed!i play and beat that game every now and then…im playing it now as a matter of fact! about to beat fargo’s ass!those who believe this was worst rpg on n64 are wrong…zelda is not a fucking rpg!!!!!WHERE THE HELL DO U LVL????U DON”T!!!! AND IST NOT EVEN A DAMN ROLE PLAYING GAME!


  5. Alex Sasse

    WOW!quest 64 was and still is overly bashed!i play and beat that game every now and then…im playing it now as a matter of fact! about to beat fargo’s ass!those who believe this was worst rpg on n64 are wrong…zelda is not a damn rpg!!!!!WHERE THE HELL DO U LVL????U DON”T!!!! AND IST NOT EVEN A DAMN ROLE PLAYING GAME!


  6. youssef omar


  7. Hydronix

    It’s really too bad nothing came out of this.

    Albeit, I still think that it became Aidyn Chronicles.(no, this is nothing more than a crappy theory) I blame the battle system being near identical.

    Anyway, it’d be neat if they tried to remake it on any of the Nintendo “ware” versions.

  8. matt

    to bad it was canceled, quest 64 may not have been the best rpg game but it was still a cool game, and the feeling i got when i finally got to the last boss was amazing

  9. alex sasse

    ok, wow its been a year and i randomly came acrossed this fourm that i posted on…i came acrossed this fourm again because, 1. im starting quest again for the 3rd time, 2. looking for any news on a prequel/sequel to be tought of or made by ANY developers, 3. looking for a douch to bitch at for not liking this game…
    i mean come on people i know why this game wasent big…
    you suck!
    too young.
    or layzy?

  10. Gaz

    Quest 64 (Or Holy Magic Century as it was called here in PAL regions) was not a horrible game over-all, but it was a horrible RPG. If you have a different opinion, then cool. Your attempt to troll everyone by saying they suck, were too young or were “layzy” (lol) are just bad reasons that hold no weight.

    I got about 90% through the game (a little bit after you find your father) and I just turned it off and never went back. Whatever driving force held me in place while I trudged along on that wreck of an rpg just loosened it’s grip and I was free. But again, good for you if you feel the game warrents a 3rd play-through *thumbs up*

  11. Anonymous

    legend of zelda was an rpg. rpg stands for ROLE, PLAYING, GAME. Not level up game. you dont have to specifically levelup anything for it to be an rpg. All you need is a character going through a storyline completing specific gouls.

    And as for Quest 64, the story wasnt the worst in the world, but the gameplay was terrible considdering hitting people with your staff was more powerful than most of your spells, and other reasons i’m not getting into. I’d give it a 3 out of 5

  12. Hydronix

    The only Zelda game that is an rpg is Zelda II. The big thing about rpg’s is both leveling up with specific statistics.

    None of the other Zelda games(minus Crossbow Training which is an FPS) are rpg’s. They’re action adventure games with roleplaying elements. They are not rpg’s. They’re not even close to what an Action RPG is.

    Quest 64, however, is one. So is Paper Mario, and Ogre Battle 64. As well as Aidyn Chronicles.

    Also, if we go by “playing a role”, then all games are rpg’s. That’s why the phrase is not to be taken literally, and to concentrate on the stat part, which is actually what makes a game an rpg, specific stats. Story varies on tons of games. A non-rpg can have an excellent story. An rpg can have a very crappy story. And while the Zelda games tend to have a JRPG-style story, they lack… everything else. Cutscenes do not make an rpg. Playing a character doesn’t make it an rpg. Armor and Weapons alone don’t do it. Stats are the epitome of what an rpg was, and was how it was created and based upon, stats.(and other tons of data combined)

    Zelda lacks this due to the Hearts system, no notable in-game stats, no leveling up.(item upgrades) Yes, it has a few elements, but it’s nowhere near the same as how an rpg works.

  13. Beretta the Magician

    Too bad imagneer couldn’t works out their problem… 
    Quest 2 look sounded like it could of been a great game! :/

  14. mother

    hey Mono, there’s a typo there
    “chochobo” instead of “chocobo”

    you can delete my comment too :)

  15. izi_bot

    I’ve been playing this game so much time. Combining 3elements to get a spell is similar concept used in dota (Invoker), imagine you combine all 4 elements in quest 2. As of haters, they have right for opinion. THIS game is not about grind, you can get many spirits instead of leveling, you can kill mobs from next location to get better exp (only con is game way too linear), you can get wind and throw it at enemies from far away, you can escape, you can get water 7 and heal yourself, you can get cocky and use fire with breads/potions to restore hp in process. They even teased two location skips, which would make game possible to speedrun (AND be unlinear). What’s killed game is magic barrier, that shit should be 1 turn protection against charging spells (which could be used in quest 2), also no difficulty choice resulted very hard US version (the reason of all the butthurt around this game) and very casual JP original.

  16. Ace

    It really is a shame that Quest 2 was cancelled as was the case with the Lennus III sequel. This really was a fun and greatly underrated game for the N64. It’s not even half as bad as some people say it is. For example, it was definitely better than Blade Dancer and Dragoneer’s Aria for the PSP which came out years later. Quest 64 was a great game with good graphics and a nice soundtrack and a pretty decent story overall. If only a few more improvements were made, then it would be perfect. The sequel would’ve most definitely been an improvement.

  17. Aaron Hoskins

    They already have a story. I’m currently replaying the first one. If they made it for switch it would be incredible i bet!!!!

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