Silent Hill 2 Beta Analysis

Silent Hill 2 Beta Analysis

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Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror developed by Konami’s Team Silent and originally released for the Playstation 2 in 2001. Unfortunately we don’t know much about the development of the game, but in this page we’ll try to analyze some beta screens using all the informations at our disposal.

[Article written by Yota]

Beta Neely Street




A really early version of Neely street. The various shops were removed from the final game.

Beta Cutscenes

final version 3

In the final cutscene, Laura turns the head toward James only in the FMV.



Removed  cutscenes




A removed sequence from the wall cutscene. Laura model seems to be a little different from the final one.

Beta Apartments


In the released version, when we get to the balcony of the blue creek apartments, it is still daytime.

Beta Pyramid Head



It seems that originally James encountered more often the Pyramid Head in the game. Maybe in the beta the monster was wandering around  freely and we had to avoid it ?

Thanks to Dirty Harry and Susumu of the Unseen64 forum for the help with the pyramid head screenshots.

E3 2001 Demo

This is the e3 2001 demo of the first half of the Brookeven Hospital. Even if the game was close to release, it seems that the trial was based on an older build, because there were some remarkable differences between this version and the final one.

First of all, we start with the map and Maria is nowhere to be found.  There are also fewer items, some inaccessible rooms, different enemies and generally it is much easier to get the lift key. Of course, it is possible that Konami just wanted to avoid any story spoilers, but i think that at this stage of  development the game director was still moving things around. Finally, in October 2009 Hidden Palace leaked the demo and now we can  play it!

pad third floor

In the trial, there was no keypad in the third floor.


In the final game, the doctor coat is full of blood and you find a key inside of it.


The box was much more easier to open in the demo. We needed only a code and a key.


No shotgun in the locker.


The teddy, which has the bent needle inside in the final game, is absent in the beta.

mappa livello 3

map first floor

These rooms aren’t accessible in the beta.


In the released version, if you try to exit from the hospital, the message says that you have to find Laura first.

beta inventory

Beta inventory.

Check for more info.


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